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The marketing mix and its constraints

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Task 2 - The marketing mix and its constraints According to the 2nd Edition BTEC National Business Book 1, the marketing mix is "the combination of product, price, place (sometimes called distribution), promotion, people, processes and physical evidence offered by an organisation to potential customers." Product A product is a combination of services and goods that are offered to the consumer. Products are created for the specific needs of a customer. Businesses have to clearly understand customers' wants and needs and attract them to the product of their preference. The product would have to be appealing as well as desirable to the customer. Brand, reputation and product benefits are three of the main reasons why customers buy certain products. It is vital that the product is distinctive in its own way. This could be having a USP (Unique Selling Point) or being different to competitors. Product differentiation is important; businesses must find ways in which to differentiate from other competitors. . For example Shampoo. Shampoo is a necessity to keep our hair clean and we all have to buy it. We also know that there are many different types of shampoo that claim to do certain things to your hair. "For luscious hair" (Herbal Essences) "Hydrating smooth and silky" (Head & Shoulders) "5 problems, 1 solution" (L'Oreal Elvive Full Restore 5). Price This is the amount of money paid for a product/service. ...read more.


Customers now use the internet to purchase products/services online. When buying online, there is no-one to help you. Therefore you have to find everything on your own but luckily all the information you may possibly need is provided online for you and you immediately know the facts and features of the product. Pricing online can be very challenging as you have to take into consideration other online companies and how many customers they have. The internet make pricing very competitive as normal costs such as store costs, wages, bills, rent etc. vanish. Being able to use the internet to shop is very appealing to customers as they are able to shop around until they find the best deal. This easy access helps to maintain prices within the online world. Purchasing online means customers directly buy from the seller and cut out the retailers. The seller has to ensure that the product is delivered to the customer in good condition as well as I a reasonable time. Promoting products online is to do with many things. Play have a recognisable and simple domain name (www.Play.com). They also have banner advertisements placed on other web pages as a form of e-promotion. These must be placed where impending customers browse. Direct e-mail is also a popular and common form of e-promotion. When registered with Play you receive regular e-mails about various offers which may persuade you to have a look. ...read more.


"The company's marketing claims a passion for food, and that all items are made from natural ingredients". (www.wikipedia.org) One of the main objectives of Pr�t A manger is Quality. This means offering appealing, tasty food and coffee to the public. They believe high quality products will attract customers to them and away from their competition. Another one of their objectives is to use coffee within 14 days of opening, to ensure that they are using only the freshest coffee. The company sources coffee from 4 different countries. McDonalds aim is to provide its customers with food of a high standard, quick service and value for money. This relates to "price" from the marketing mix as it wants to provide products at affordable prices. They also aim to serve good food in a friendly environment. This relates to "product" and "place". Good food is the product they are trying to sell and are persuading customers to buy their products and McDonalds say they want to be serving good food in a "friendly environment". They are taking into account where customers would like to purchase their food. One of Pret A Manger's aims is to expand their business into different locations inside and outside the UK. This relates to "place" as they want to be located in other various places. By doing this they attract more customers. They also want to serve "great tasting coffee" which relates to their product. They want customers to have the best coffee ever which luckily, comes from their company. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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