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The organization that I am researching is the London Borough of Merton Council.

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The organization that I am researching is the London Borough of Merton Council. This organization is of interest to me as my father works in the building as head of Planning and Public Protection. He will be my main contact point in the Council as he has worked as head of IT Services in his previous Council. The work done in the council I also find interesting. The Council is situated in the South of London in Merton Civic Centre. The Council's IT infrastructure has recently been upgraded as part of Downing Street's E-Government plan. A variety of systems were upgraded and new solutions introduced as part of this. The responsibilities of the council are outlined in this statement taken from the Merton Borough Council Website1: " commits the Council to provide clear leadership to the community in partnership with residents, businesses, the voluntary sector and other organizations; support the active involvement of the public in the decision-making process; take decisions efficiently and effectively; identify clearly those responsible for decision making and hold them to account; and improve the delivery of services to the community." ...read more.


It is involved in many areas, for example regulation, which includes development control, building control, environmental health and trading standards, highway licensing and parking enforcement, and environmental maintenance which includes refuse collection, street cleaning and highway maintenance - Financial Services The Finance Department provides the Council's Financial Management Framework. It rigorously manages the council's budget to help managers control expenditure in their relative department. The Finance Department also collects all monies from residents and businesses and tries to make these payment methods more accessible using the Internet, Merton Link and the Call Centre facility. The Department also strives to make the financial documents of the council easier to understand and read. - Housing and Social Services The Housing and Social Services department is responsible for the management of housing solutions in the area and Social care for residents. It's responsibilities range from the allocation and management of Council Housing waiting lists to evaluating and inspecting Childcare services in the borough. ...read more.


The IT system within the council spans the whole organization and every Council Officer has their own workstation. The workstations are used for E-Mail communication and personal management as well as general typing duties. The Council also owns large industrial drawing scanners for the input of development and architectural drawings for Building Control (Planning) applications. Digital cameras are also used for working in the field and providing evidence for Environmental Services investigations. The area of the council I shall be focusing on in my study is a new Council Benefits and Building controls system recently installed by a St. Albans IT company. The system covers the whole of these areas from paying council tax online to scanning and cataloguing architectural drawings for building plans, covering three departments in the council. I shall be studying the installation of the new system, problems, training etc and the evaluation of the system by users. My contact within the council, my father, will provide extremely good links with IT department administrators and to documents relating to the recent installation and evaluation of the solution. Gavin Clark Page 1 5/2/2007 C:\WINDOWS\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\8HY7K5QF\plan1.doc ...read more.

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