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The Promotional Mix used by Ford and Apple to Market their Products.

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In this assignment I am going to write about the Ford motor company. Ford is an American car company based in Michigan and was founded in 1903 by a man called Henry Ford, ever since then it has grown and expanded all over the world. Ford is currently the second largest car manufacturer in the United States and fifth worldwide based on the sales in 2010. There global revenue stands at 118.3 billion and they have received more awards based on their vehicles more than any other car company in the world. Even if a company has good services and products it is still vitally important for them to generate sales and profits they will do this by using a marketing technique called the promotional mix. Promotion is all about how well the company advertise their product and communicate with their customers. Promotional Mix The promotional mix is all the different ways in which a company will use to promote themselves when they introduce new products. The promotional mix and consists of a blend of advertising, sales promotions, sponsorship, personal selling, direct marketing, public relations. If a company does all of these well they will increase their sales and profits. ...read more.


Other ways in which they will advertise will be on the radio on various different radio stations. Not only do they do that, they also send out emails to all their existing and potential customers when new products arrive offering them to come to the car dealerships and car showrooms where there will be a lot of salespeople present to try to convince them to make the purchase. Sponsorship Ford often sponsor events such as drag racing and motocross events as they know these type of events will attract a large male audience who will be more in to cars and what it can do rather than a female audience. They will sponsor drag races in particular as the audience will always be people male or female who take a great interest in cars which will also be a positive way to promote themselves. They also sponsor soccer weekend, on the Ford Sunday football league this is another one of their clever ideas in which they will focus again on the male audience as they know most men will be watching this show instead of women and similar events they will sponsor includes football games. ...read more.


think is suitable for them and why by stating all the advantages and how it will benefit the person looking to buy the product. They will be as helpful and professional as possible in order to make a sale. They will sometimes offer free itunes vouchers as well in order to persuade customers to go ahead with the purchase and think they are getting something for free. They will also advertise themselves on their website and others as well as sending out mail to customers informing them of new products they have out to keep them up to date. Whenever Apple brings out a new product there is always a conference where a audience will gather and Steve Jobs the owner of the company will go up on stage and make a speech whilst demonstrating the new product and what has improved and how it has developed this results in producing good PR as well. Both Ford and Apple has successfully used the promotional mix and AIDA marketing technique over the years as well as bringing out new quality products one step ahead of their competitors, they are very professional and have both gained a good reputation leading them to be very successful companies. ?? ?? ?? ?? Nick Gabb P1 Adrian ...read more.

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