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The system analysis for Sparks five-a-side football competition.

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Sparks Sunday League Sparkhill area five-a-side league Tel. (0121) 4498765 Fax (0121) 777687 Pages: 1 - Introduction 2 - System Requirements - How to install the system 3-4 - Getting Started 5 - How to input the latest results 6-7 - Problems (contact details) Introduction The system is for Sparks five-a-side football competition. It includes all the results, upcoming fixtures, team information and the latest standings on the table. All the results are going to be regularly updated which the system will then automatically update all information such as the table, team goals and the points for each team. This system was produced as an alternative to the old system of checking up the latest on the league as it involved supporters to travel to the Sparkhill Forum centre on the Stratford Road. This is a radical improved system as all the statistics would be available for the users after every gameweek so all the information would be printable or saved. All the upcoming fixtures are included including every single result unlike the old system. The user will now be able to access the results from the luxury of their homes so it will not involve any travelling to the Sparkhill Forum any longer. The system will have much more information so hopefully will attract more people in Birmingham to enter the league in the next season. ...read more.


Getting Started To start the football system you will first have to load your file from the Floppy disc that you saved earlier or click on the link through the URL. The Spreadsheet package will then load up on the screen and a message will appear stating whether you want to enable or disable the macros (below): You will have to click on the option `Enable Macros` and ignore the other two options or the system will not operate properly. When you have done this, the introduction page will appear, as shown below and you will have to click on the heading to enter the system. When you have entered the system, the `Main Table Options` page (below) will appear which will have the options that you can choose. There is the latest table with the latest standings on the page so you can see where what position your team is. The sheet options: * The `PRINT TABLE` allows you to print just the table on A4 paper once you have clicked on it * The `EXIT` option takes you to the page with the option to exit the system. * The `SAVE UPDATED RESULTS & TABLE` will save the changes that you might have made, like inputting the latest results. (Note: this option is only for Users using the system via the Floppy disks.) ...read more.


The box below will appear with the value options. In the `Maximum` box you can type the appropriate value and then the results grid would allow the value. Protection Most of the sheets in the system are protected with passwords as the data needs not changing a part from the results grid, which will then change the information on the other sheets automatically. However, if you need to change any information you will need to unprotect the sheets by going onto `Tools`, `Protection`, and then on `Unprotect Sheet`. You will then have to type the password `delete` and the sheet should unprotect itself. Once you have completed the amendments you can protect the sheet by the same steps as unprotect and then you can insert any password of your own for the security of your personalised system. Power Failure While you are using the system the power might switch off your computer so it is important to save your work every five minutes. If there is a failure in the power you will need to restart your computer and then load the system to see if it is still available. It is possible to lose the system so it will be very useful for you to keep a back up file of the system on a separate disk which also brings its own benefits as you can access the system on computers at different venues. For details or any comments please contact: Mr Ul-Haq, Sparhill Forum group, Tel. (0121) 4498765 Fax (0121) 777687 ...read more.

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