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Types of Business Networks that are Appropriate for my Workplace

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TABLE OF CONTENTS Types of Business Networks that are Appropriate for my Workplace 3 What these chosen business networks do 4 Why the chosen business networks are appropriate to my workplace 5 What must be done to maintain the business networks? 6 Ways in which my organisation can be promoted through these business networks 6 Ways in which I would promote the potential benefits of new business networks to my colleagues 7 BIBLIOGRAPHY 8 Appendix 9 Types of Business Networks that are Appropriate for my Workplace Networking can be portrayed as a way of exchanging ideas. It provides opportunities and it is all about developing and maintaining associates, generating opportunities to meet new people, and using people and being used by them. Networks play a major part in promotion decisions and that is how it becomes extremely useful within organisations. There are many types of networking that are used within organisations to help them to keep up to date with industry and environmental issues outside the organisation. Some ways this is done is usually by being informed of the organisations competitors and by being aware of new supplies that may give the organisation a competitive advantage. ...read more.


The AVPA code of practice on antibiotics is endorsed by the Australian Chicken Meat Federation. The Australian Chicken Meat Federation is the peak co-coordinating body for participants in the chicken meat industries in Australia. "The Federation is responsible for the co-ordination of the various activities of the State Chicken Meat Councils and makes recommendations to the Councils on matters concerning the industry as a whole." (ACMF, 2004). Some of their many objectives include the promotion and protection of the interests of the chicken meat industry; the conduct or support of research on all aspects of the industry; the securing of representation on appropriate committees, boards and commissions and the approaching of government bodies on all matters of concern to the industry. Why the chosen business networks are appropriate to my workplace All the following associations discussed previously are part of the Practitioner Network, contributing goods and services to such organisations as Lenards. These 3 business networks are very important for the Lenards poultry marketing and selling business. Lenards needs to know the most effective and modern techniques of marketing ways. The Australian Marketing Institute is appropriate for my workplace at Lenards as it meets the changing needs of marketers, delivering services to help members maximize their professional growth. ...read more.


Lenards should also conduct continuous and effective communication methods with the business networks and the members to promote its name and products, also by showing strong interest in the activities of these three vital business networks mentioned above by getting effectively involved in the business networks programs. This can be done by encouraging employees and managers to attend the various functions that these business networks conduct for the interest of the community and members. It is essential that members show interest by attending events, such as conferences, etc. This will assist to expand relationships and obtain the opportunity to recognize more networks. Ways in which I would promote the potential benefits of new business networks to my colleagues Effective communication is the best tool to promote new ideas and potential benefits for colleagues to join new business networks. Methods like producing talks and presentations and carrying out studies on the new business networks to find the advantages in them. Carrying out market researching and studying market development in new business networking helps develop a better understanding about the new business networks hence one can provide a better picture to colleagues and friends of what is happening in the market place. Therefore it is concluded that it is essential for a business to have connections with networks. ...read more.

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