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There are several different types of communication in a business such as Sainsbury's and Cadburys.INTERNAL Telephone - When the business is a big

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Communication There are several different types of communication in a business such as Sainsbury's and Cadburys. INTERNAL Telephone - When the business is a big building or is a group of small way which are close or far away when telling another group of colleges something important e.g. Telling them that their supplies have arrived. It is the main way of communicating around the business. Telephones are appropriate when you need to talk to someone when it is quicker to ring them rather than going all the way over to the person. Face to face communication - This is when two of more colleges talk to each other face to face. This could be general slacking or telling them useful information. It is the quickest way of communicating. But if the receiver doesn't write the message down they will forget the message and it may be important to the functioning of the business. ...read more.


Often cheap to access Quality of information can be better Disadvantages: Messages can be misunderstood Can take time to clarify misunderstanding Chance that messages can be sent to the wrong people People can be unfamiliar with the system Employees may need training (costly) Employees may feel de-motivated/ stressed by new technology Messages can be held up due to technical problems Lack of visual communication can hinder the quality of communication Employees can suffer from information overload Memo - Memos are short, informal written messages that are used for internal communications in a business. They are usually sent by internal communications in a business. They are usually sent by the internal mail system or by email. As the message is brief, it is unlikely be forgotten. But many business people say that these days so many memos are sent that some of these are ignored. ...read more.


The site can be accessed by going to a search engine and typing in Sainsbury's or Cadburys when I typed in Sainsbury's 507,000 results came up but Sainsbury's to you came up at the top because it is the most relevant. Telephone - The telephone system is used for customers to ring in to the company and ask questions like when do they close or how much is... this is a very good way of communicating but sometimes the robot answering machines are annoying and it is best to go to the store. E-mail - E-mail is basically the same as the telephone except that it is easier to receive the mail because you can't miss it, e-mail might be used when a customer wants to ask a question about the store. Direct mail - Direct mail is another word for post, it is rarely used to contact an external communication as it takes a long time to get there and it could get lost. ...read more.

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