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We want to run a cabaret.

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INDEX I. DESCRIPTION OF THE BUSINESS IDEA 2 II. MARKET AND COMPETITORS 4 1. MARKET 4 a) Desk research 4 b) Field research 5 2. TOWS ANALYSIS 6 3. COMPETITORS 7 4. TARGET CUSTOMERS 7 5. COMPETITIVE BUSINESS STRATEGY 8 a) Differentiation 8 b) Positioning 8 c) Competitive advantage 9 d) Marketing mix 9 i- Service 9 ii- Price 9 iii- Promotion 10 iv- Distribution 10 v- People 11 III. RESOURCES 12 1. Money 12 2. People 12 3. Premises 13 IV. FINANCES 15 APPENDICES 17 I. DESCRIPTION OF THE BUSINESS IDEA We want to run a cabaret. This business will be a place where people will have dinner during which they will be provided with entertainment. To be clear, it will be a place where people will spend a good time with their friends or loved-ones. The specialty of this place will also be the provision of a French surrounding: food, drinks, ambience and so on. One of the main advantages is that people won't have to go from one place to another place ( restaurant and then theatre) to spend a pleasant evening. Our cabaret will have different activities. During the day, this place will be a cafe bar. Some afternoons in the week we want to provide performances for children (e.g. plays, songs). During weekday evenings, we want to provide small concerts. People won't have to pay to come into the cabaret, they will only pay for what they order (drink and food). During the weekend, we will provide some other performances (e.g. one man shows, theatre plays, concerts). One evening in the month, we will organize some parties with a theme: e.g. ...read more.


We have a lot of indirect competitors : - restaurants, especially French restaurants, - public houses, - caf� bars, - theatres and places of concerts, - cinema, - video, So we have a lot of indirect competitors in Edinburgh. We made a list of the most direct competitors. We chose places which provide theatre plays, some jazz clubs and French restaurants. This list contains the name of the business, the location, the number of employees, the amount of the sales and the name of the manager or director. We found 25 competitors (thanks to the database for Edinburgh and Lothian at Scottish Enterprise). You can find the list in Appendix 5. We were most interested by small businesses with few employees. 4. TARGET CUSTOMERS Thanks to the market survey and to desk research, we aim to target different kinds of customers. It depends on the time of the week: - performances for children : schools who make outings with pupils, and parents who bring their children (level of incomes : �30,000 and more), - small concerts, free entry : single people with colleagues or friends and who are coming out from work (level of incomes : from �10,000), - performances at the week-end : people, single or married, with their spouse or friends or family (level of incomes : from �30,000, between 30 years and more than 60 years), - one performance per month : people will pay to have both a dinner and a good performance (good review). We target the same customers as above. We also provide these evenings to some companies. Evenings will be organized for their employees or as hospitality events. ...read more.


But then on average between 6 and 12 month the financial situation is better for many reasons. The first reason is that as we have a campaign of promotion with flyers or posters in town people begin to know us. The second reason is that some persons who come in our cabaret and who are seduced by this place come with some friends; these friends do the same thing. The third reason is the Edinburgh Festival. Therefore this reason is real because during this festival a big number of tourists come in Edinburgh and go out in the evening. We can give some other reasons such as a better and better reputation or artists always more known. Also as sales increase in the time our costs grow too. This is the reason of the increase in direct costs: we sell more and more so we need more a more raw materials. For investments the totality is done at the start of the business. They are important but the more expensive is the sound and light material. A simple mix table with 24 entries costs on average �3000 or a play of lights costs �500 or �1000. Furthermore, we don't buy a premise so we have to buy all the equipments such as cutlery or tables and chairs. These are our tariffs for drinks and dishes: Sale's Price/Liter Buy's Price/Liter Profit/Liter Beer �5.00 �1.00 �4.00 Other alcoholic drinks �128.00 �10.00 �118.00 Other non alcoholic drinks �3.40 �0.50 �2.90 Sale's Price/Unit Buy's Price/Unit Profit/Unit Special evening (without entry?) �12.00 �8.00 �4.00 Sandwiches and crepes �3.00 �1.80 �1.20 Plates �5.00 �2.00 �3.00 ? entry for performance = �8 The following documents show the figures of the three next years. You can find the detailed figures in Appendix 7. APPENDICES Business plan : Le Petit Olympia 1 ...read more.

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