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What impact did the Arkright family have upon the people and villageof Cromford?

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Cromford Coursework What impact did the Arkright family have upon the people and village of Cromford? I think the Arkright family greatly changed the lives of the people living in Cromford with both physical changes and changes in their way of life. Question 1- Sir Richard Arkright is usually credited with revolutionising the technical basis of cotton production between 1768 and 1792 transforming it from a cottage industry to one of worldwide proportions. Apart from developing machinery to do the work he is credited with creating the factory system and being called the father of the factory system. As Richard Arkright is credited with this title it is surprising that his was not the first factory, the first recognised is the silk mill in Derby. Arkright did however have entrepreneur qualities such as patenting the machinery which meant he made more money out of his products as people had come to the workplace and work for him so he got all the profit from the products instead of them just taking the idea home. He was a real business man and was the first to create the idea of a workplace and a factory system. ...read more.


increase when Arkright built his first mill to a population of 840, and it continued rising throughout Arkrights prime business time to 1842 when the mill were coming to an end and the population was 1410. When Richard Arkright introduced his new system more workers were needed and so he built more homes to accommodate them and encourage them to come and work for him. He also made improvements to the village and the population increased to fill all the work available in the factories. Also workers were forced to move into the village when Arkright demolished their original housing. The improvements to the village include:- * creating north street houses which were of a good standard for the time and gave the workers an incentive to work in his factories. * he built a pub as a luxury for his workers but also because he had good business sense and he knew the workers would drink and he could not stop them so why not make a profit from it. * Big changes to the village include the ponds Arkright produced to keep the water wheels moving to power the mills, he built three in all but the largest is in the centre of the village. ...read more.


lives were changed for the better and in one big, revolutionising way by the introduction of the new system and the new "go to work" way of life. He also made a better way of life by getting people out of the mines and creating amenities and a whole new village. Question 3- We can build up lots of information through research about what life was like in Cromford between 1770- 1840. The photographs of the sites at Cromford all help to build up an accurate image of life between that period, and the written and visual sources both back each other up and help give the full picture. Even without the photographs the written sources would still be useful as they are still information about Arkright and the period of time. From all of the sources I had available to me the one I found most useful was the 'Arkright - cotton king or spin doctor' article as it had lots of useful quotes and points to make about Arkrights position in the factory system so this helped me most to arrive at my final answer and provide some of the evidence I used to back it up. Hayley Meyrick 11J ...read more.

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