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Where Can We Find Information On Leisure and Tourism?

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Mrs Edge and Mr Bevan are leisure and tourism Teachers. Mrs Edge covers leisure and Mr Bevan covers tourism. They both have a great deal of knowledge on the subject as They, themselves have studied leisure and tourism at school, college and maybe even university. They also have achieved qualifications and passed exams in leisure and tourism, in order for them to teach what they have learnt, to others. They have both taught the subject and related ones (such as geography) for a few years, and so they would be able to help us with finding out information on certain topics within the leisure and tourism course that we take during years 10 and 11. Business Teachers can also help us to find out information on leisure and tourism. They can help us in different ways to Teachers of one particular subject, because Business Studies covers all the work industries, and as leisure and tourism is a popular and rising industry in the real world, they would be able to provide us with lots of different types of information. This information they provide can be a varied range of ideas. Mrs Hancock and Miss kingsmill, the Business Teachers, have teached pupis about all types of Businesses, including leisure and tourism. ...read more.


A detailed and useful computer program we have accessibility to, is Encarta . Encarta is a encyclopedia which does automatic research for a topic that you are looking for, and gives you extracts of information or resources based on the topic of search. The types of search on Encarta can vary depending on the type of format you want the information and the topic you are searching for. Encarta is a worldwide search but in many forms of which is the limited allowance on the program (no websites given or any demos.) With using the internet to find information, the search aren't as limited as computer programs as the internet does not take up disk space, etc. Internet searches cannot stop. On the internet, there are many ways you can access the information. You can search for info on leisure and tourism by using a variety of search engines (such as yahoo, google, ask jeeves, etc) With using search engines,you can type in the topic of search, and you will automatically receive search results found on that topic, and you can access any of the search results given by clicking on them.Usually it is a website you are given to access the information you are looking for (but it could be other internet programs/contacts to a certain company that is based on the search topic.) ...read more.


We can access very detailed information on leisure and tourism from the Geography department in many ways as leisure and tourism is studied in Geography lessons. We can record any information found from Geography resources such as from books, posters, and even display work done by other pupils. We can use the help of the department teachers as I stated, to help us with finding out information. The Geography department would give us most of the information that we need throughout the year as leisure and tourism is related a lot with Geography. The Business studies department would be able to give us the majority of information on the actual leisure and tourism business itself. So with the both departments, we get given info from two different aspects of the subject studied. We can also get given computer programs from a particular department which are installed on the department's computers or saved on a floppy disk or compact disc for that department's use only. We can access the information more productively and close-focused with one aspect in one of the two departments mentioned. We can find information on leisure and tourism in a number of ways from each resource and I will now know for myself after producing this directory, that I can point out precisely where information can be found. By Sarah Darvelle ...read more.

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