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Where do you stand on gun ownership and gun control issues

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Where do you stand on gun ownership and gun control issues? The Oscar-won documentary 'Bowling for Columbine' has aroused people's awareness of gun ownership and gun control issues. Should gun ownership be banned or should gun be controlled? Does gun ownership create a violent society? The answer is not measurable, however, from the firearm situation between America and Canada, the answer is more obvious. America probably has the highest rate of gun ownership in the world. In Canada, the percentage of Canadian households with a rifle is approximately equal to the level in United States. According to the statistics of gun murder rates around the world from 'Bowling for columbine', America has 11,127 gun accidents while Canada merely has 165. Is the number of gun ownerships a main factor behind a violent society? Indeed weapon does not commit crimes, the perpetrator does. As well, most crimes do not involve licensed gun owners. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police estimated the pool of illegal handguns in Canada to be about 50,000. ...read more.


Any occupant who conditionally needs a gun should acquire a certificate from both the police and doctors. Personal and medical details of gun owner should be honestly provided. According to the gun control system established in Canada, Canadians who wish to purchase a gun must acquire a Firearm Acquisition Certificate from the police. In order to obtain a Firearms Acquisition Certificate, am applicant must provide identification and background information, including addresses for the past five years. Unlike some American states, applicants are not acquired to supply medical information to the police. Apart from applying for gun certificates, the restriction of uses of certain guns should be regulated so as to ensure no collateral effect. For example, the Canadian FAC system includes control of restricted weapons and prohibited weapons. Restricted weapons must be stored only in one's home or place of business depending on terms of the registration certificate. Prohibited weapons, such as shotguns, sawed-off rifles and silencers are absolutely illegal in Canada. ...read more.


Others may say tough gun laws are no the solution as they can be circumvented. While strict gun laws are aimed to narrow the pool of illegal guns and reduce the availability of guns. One may be able to evade the law system, however not all illegal applicants can! Some politicians strongly support bans on gun uses will solve the firearm problems more effectively. Significantly, bans on guns will indeed raise the demand for illegal guns underground, which makes it harder for police to control gun uses. i.e. a FAC gun control system in Canada works very effectively due to the fact that fewer guns are traded in black market. 'Useless laws weaken necessary laws.' --- Charles de Secondat, Baron de Montesquieu (1689-1775) Importantly, gun ownership doesn't create a violent society, but lenient gun control does. Nevertheless, bans do not make something disappear, rather harder to control! Therefore a strict, uniform federal gun control system is far more essential so as to ensure no collateral effects of any gun uses! Done by: Calvin Huang 11 T ...read more.

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