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With Reference to Two Examples, Explain How and Why the Marketing Mix Will Vary From Product To Product.

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With Reference to Two Examples, Explain How and Why the Marketing Mix Will Vary From Product To Product. One example would be to compare the marketing mix of a mobile phone and of ball-point pens. For mobile phones the quality of the product is very important as the consumers buying these goods based on the quality of the good. This is because as the mobile phone is a technological gadget for which people crave only the best and the newest technology, consumers will buy mobile phones taking into regard the quality of the product alone. Though, the same is not true for ball-point pens, as most consumers generally do not regard quality as the main selling point of the good, as this type of good is generally inexpensive and common. Thus people take into account the quality of the product more for mobile phones rather than ball-point pens. The promotion of a product such as mobile phones is very important, as things such as advertising and special offers can persuade people to buy this certain phone over another. As advertising can influence people into perceiving one phone better than another, the advertising of phones will affect the sales. ...read more.


Since you are buying a technological gadget, you would want the person selling you the item to be technically competent and explain the pros and cons of the item properly. As the consumers are buying an expensive item, they would want the sales force to be informative, helpful and pleasant. If they are not, the consumer may take his business elsewhere. The people selling you a good such as a ball-point pen is also quite important, but not as important as it is when the good is a mobile phone. This is because pens are inexpensive and mobiles are quite expensive. Though the sales force selling any good has to be pleasant and willing to help and if they are not, consumers will get annoyed and probably not return to that store again. Another example could be comparing the marketing mix of video games and of toothpaste. For video games, the quality of game itself matters to the consumers. As the consumers only want to buy a quality video game which they will enjoy. It there are bad reviews about the quality of the game, they will not buy it as they feel it is not worth it. ...read more.


Also, if there is a lot of information explaining the features of the game on the packaging, then this can help persuade some consumers to buy this product. The packaging for toothpaste is also important, as a professional looking packaging can persuade people to buy a certain toothpaste, as they feel that the toothpaste is more reliable. Also if there is persuasive information on the packaging, this can influence which toothpaste the customer buys, as the customer will be persuaded that the toothpaste is reliable and of high quality. The sales force who sells the product is important when selling video games, as the consumers wants the sales people to be informative about the new games and helpful in giving them insight on the various video games. Also, if they are not polite and willing to help then people may buy their video games elsewhere as many retailers supply video games. For toothpaste, the people selling the product are not as important as it is for video games. This is because toothpaste is an ordinary product which people usually choose very quickly and as it is not very expensive, customers do not usually have problems choosing which one to buy. ?? ?? ?? ?? February 21st 2006 Zain Khan IB1-3 ...read more.

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