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5 people you meet in heaven

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Devan Miller The five people you meet in heaven "All endings are beginning, we just dont know it yet." This is the story about Edward Beitchman, and how he experiences the after life. He goes to heaven and their he encounters five people. Five people that teach him things about his life and the meaning of it. The first person Eddie meets is the blue man. The blue man was someone who Eddie had had an encounter with on earth but did not know it. When Eddie was younger he ran out in front of this man's vehicle and caused his body to react vigorously and he crashed. He taught Eddie to look at a story from two points of veiw, he was stunned. ...read more.


How we should not regret it. That we should aspire all of our sacrifices, even the small ones. He told Eddie how he shot him during the war, and taught him that, he may have lost something but h also gained his life. The next person we meets is Ruby Pier, the wife of the man who built the amusement park Eddie had worked at for so long. She told him how the amusment park came to be, and that she was the one who inspired the name of the park. She talks to him about forgiving his father, for the things he had done wrong to him. She tells Eddie some surprising details about his father's life. ...read more.


She tells him that when some senses weaken others heighten. The last person Eddie meets in heaven is a little girl name Tala. Tala explained to him that she was a young child in the Phillipines. She had been their when Eddie and the other soldiers destroyed the village. She had been the shadow Eddie had thought he had seen. He wept knowing what he had done. She showed him that he did have a purpose that he kept children safe. She told him that she was the one who brought him to heaven to keep him safe. This is the story of Edward Beitchman, and the five people he met in heaven. It's about their stories and how they impacted Eddie's life and how he impacted their's. He was taught about the life cycle, sacrifice, forgiveness, love and his life purpose. ...read more.

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