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How much of ones life is governed by fate?

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HOW MUCH OF ONES LIFE IS GOVERNED BY FATE? In times of Greek Mythology, it was believed that there were gods for the elements and feelings. It was also believed that their lives were governed by these gods and in more particular the Fates. The fates were three goddesses who determined a human's life and their destiny. These fates were believed apparition to each person at birth and would sign of good and evil, the extent on the good or evil was then determined by the human's own way. In Oedipus, when he is born, his father hears the news of what is to come from the fates and then tries to kill his son to prevent the horrific things happening, so really, Oedipus' life was fully governed by fate, from his birth right to his demise. ...read more.


For them their lives were fully governed by fate and the gods, humans were just a shell for the things that the gods had to dish out and play around with. Examples of this can be seen in the old mythical movies. We have the videos Hercules and Jason and The Argonauts. In "Jason and the Argonauts" Zeus (king of gods) and the other gods watch over Jason as he makes his journey for the Golden Fleece. On his voyage, they come across all obstacles, which the gods have put against him, and situations, which the gods helped him out of. These movies helped to give an insight on how it was back then and the way the gods and humans worked with each other. In our lives now, we believe in our religions but do not let It rule our lives either. ...read more.


In English, I am studying King Lear. I think that this also shows and example of fate. In the story, King Lear is faced with tragedy after tragedy and this is due to a disturbance in the ladder of life. In the era of Elizabethan Cosmology it was believed that everything had its place and hierarchy and it was supposed to stay that way or else dire things would happen. In this, it is already fated and known that if the ladder was rearranged that bad things would happen. In conclusion, I believe that fate does play a small part in peoples lives, but the belief of it playing a major role in our everyday life for everything we say and do, is no longer adhered to. To me, the amount of fate in a person's life is as much as the person is willing to let it be. ...read more.

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