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Questions on Circe and Book 10 of the Odyssey

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´╗┐Questions on Circe and book 10 1. What has happened up to the point that Odysseus meets Circe but after he leaves the land of the Cyclops Polyphemus chases after Odysseus and his men throwing boulders that narrowly miss them. Odysseus tells Polyphemus his name and Polyphemus curses Odysseus. They go to Aeolia and gets given a bag of wind by Aeolus. Odysseus falls asleep and his men open the bag as they think it contains gold. The wind comes out and gets blown of course. The stop at the Lystragonians and three of his men get eaten by the cannibal giants. When arriving at Circe?s island, he splits the men into groups and sends half away to look for the house. His men get turned into pigs by Circe and Eurylochus returns to tell Odysseus. Odysseus then ventures alone to save his men. Hermes gave Odysseus a herb to eat and how to fight off Circe. ...read more.


Circe?s ?words had wings? which vividly shows her elegance in the way she enchantingly speaks. Circe tells Odysseus that she ?was always told to expect (him) here? which emphasises excitement to which he was meant to succeed and come to her. 18/20 C) Who should be admired the most, Circe or Calypso? Both Circe and Calypso play main roles as women in the Odyssey who help and hinder Odysseus, but their wit and mannerism should be admired. Circe first comes into the Odyssey at book 10. Circe is described as ?evil in her heart? which instantly doesn?t make her a good or moral character. Circe also fails to show xenia to Odysseus as although she does offer him food, she asks multiple questions to him. An ancient audience would find the lack of xenia wrong and as an insult to Zeus. Similarly, she tries to manipulate him by complementing him. Simonides wrote about emotional women who use sex as a weapon, as well as this, Aristotle said that women would destroy men if left alone, women would destroy men. ...read more.


She fights and argues to keep Odysseus even though it is not permitted to marry him. Her own name means ?concealment? in Greek. Calpyso, like Circe, is the image of a good woman as she is also found singing and weaving. Even though she could have kept Odysseus on the island, she helps him build a raft to leave. She is able to let go of her own feelings to aid Odysseus on his journey back to Ithaca. She also obeys Zeus? orders. To an ancient audience and for moral reasoning, Circe is to be the most admired for she greatly aids Odysseus. In saying this, without the help of Hermes, Odysseus would have been killed thus Circe?s actions are intently evil. Calypso should be admired the most for without her letting Odysseus leave, his journey would have come to an end. Although she also needed Hermes to let him go, her intentions were pure. She loved Odysseus and they often has a physical relationship. She let him go and sacrificed her feelings to make him happy. 19/25 44/55 81% ...read more.

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