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Woman's Contribution to Society

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Archer 1 Lyndsey Archer Humanities 111 Dr. Joan Frank 2 Feb 2003 Woman's Contribution to Society In the time of the Iliad, a novel by Homer written in the twelfth century, women did not play a dominant role in the human way of life. The men fought the battles, brought home the food, and controlled the household. The women simply look after the children and tended to the housework. The initiators of the action and the rulers of the land were the God's and Goddess's. Zeus was the ultimate power of the land. Athena, the goddess of wisdom, and, Hera, queen of the god's, are strong female characters in the novel. ...read more.


Athena also gives support to the Greeks during the war. Often times the Greeks pray to Athena for protection. In book 5, Diomedes prays to the goddess Athena for revenge upon the Trojan's. She gives him heroic strength and the incredible power to distinguish and defeat the gods in battle. Both goddesses' greatly favor the Achaeans and give their Archer 2 soldiers valuable aid, and outwardly show their hatred toward the Trojans. The women of Greek mythology have bright minds, devious mannerisms and sharp tongues in which they use to get their way when dealing with the God's in judgment. When it comes to strong mortal woman, the book has little to offer. Barely any women even appear in the text. ...read more.


Their significance lies not in their character but in the way they sway and enlighten the men around them. The women were not given the acknowledgment they deserve considering the incredible impact they made on the lives of the men. The Goddess's were prayed to in time of need and often gave support to the warriors. The mortal women entertained the men and influenced their decisions by enticing and persuading them. Homer inserts the women to show the love and respect the men held for the women. This is much like our society today and the esteem held to mothers, sisters and grandmothers. Our society holds woman dear to their hearts even though the role women play in society is quite small. Homer puts this is to show how important women are in any society. ...read more.

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