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Common methods of attack and types of malware

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´╗┐Common methods of attack and types of malware Some of the more common types of attacks are hoaxes, password cracking, denial of service attacks/distributed denial of service attacks, fake antivirus attacks, etc. Other terms to be familiar with include spoofing, which is essentially impersonating, phishing, which is impersonating and trying to get information; spear phishing which is replicating a common site to try to get more information from people; whaling ? which is focusing on trying to get specific information on high-profile people; and vhishing which is using voice mail to drive to a website. Malware is simply unauthorized software that?s placed on someone?s computer with their knowledge or consent. Malware is meant to infect a computer system, conceal the actions and make some monetary gain. There are a number of types of malware, including: 1. ...read more.


Most hackers have strong technical skills, are motivated by thrill or some sense of power, and typically do damage as a by-product of their illegal activity 2. Script kiddies, like hackers, illegally break into a computer or use it for unauthorized purposes. Unlike hackers, they are not as technically savvy ? they usually download scripts from the web and are usually considered more dangerous that hackers because they are less technically aware of the damage they?re causing. 3. Employees are the most damaging because of their internal knowledge of the systems, uses, etc. and pose the largest IS threat 4. Cyber-criminals typically target for financial reasons ? common examples are identity thieves, financial fraudsters. They are typically career criminals. 5. Spies are individuals who have been hired for a specific purpose ? to break into a computer and steal information. ...read more.


Diversify 1. Layers must be different/diverse. If an attacker penetrates one layer, they can?t use the same methodology to penetrate the others. 1. Obscurity 1. Not revealing the type of computers, operating systems, software, network connections, etc. 1. Simplify 1. Networks are complex by nature. The security layer needs to be simple enough for internal resources to manage and use. CIA Triangle + Authentication and Non-repudiation 1. Confidentiality 1. Basically means that those with sufficient privileges have access certain information. Can use classifications, encryption, controls, etc. 1. Integrity 1. Quality of the information ? is it whole, complete and uncorrupted 1. Availability 1. Is the information accessible to authorized users? Users can be another person or a computer 1. Authentication 1. Requires you to prove you are who you say you are by something you have, something you are, or something you know. 1. Non-Repudiation 1. The most difficult to pull off ? simply means that a message has been sent and received and the sender can be verified ...read more.

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