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What do you think is a safe distance between the car you are riding in and the car in front of you? Would you be able to stop in time to avoid an obstacle? What are some of the factors that influence stopping distance.

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INVESTIGATING CAR SPEED AND STOPPING DISTANCE INTRODUCTION What do you think is a safe distance between the car you are riding in and the car in front of you? Would you be able to stop in time to avoid an obstacle? What are some of the factors that influence stopping distance. There are many factors that determine how much distance is required to stop a car. Some of those factors include human response time, tire conditions, road surface, and mass of the car One of the most important factors that determines stopping distance is car speed. How would you decide how much distance to leave between your car and the car in front of you? In this lab, you will simulate the action of a car skidding along the road to determine the relationship between speed and stopping distance. In Part A of the investigation, you will learn techniques for measuring speed and stopping distance. A photogate timing probe connected to a computer will be used to determine the speed of a wooden car and a meter stick to measure the stopping distance. In Part B1 of the investigation, you will use these techniques to design an investigation that will determine how car speed affects the stopping distance. ...read more.


________________________ Obtain this data and record in the space below. Additional Data: CALCULATIONS: Calculate the average speed of the car for each run. Show your equations, calculations, and units. Average Speed of Slow Run: Average Speed of Fast Run: Part A3: Measuring Speed vs. Stopping Distance Suppose you push the car along the track and release it BEFORE the index cart intercepts the photogate beam. If the car is pushed hard enough, it will pass through the beam and come to a stop along the track. Try this now. Imagine that the speed of the car as it passes through the beam is similar to the speed of a real car just before a driver slams on his/her brakes. This speed is called the 'initial speed' and the distance the car travels after braking is called the 'stopping distance'. In this case, the wheels of the car have been removed so that the apparatus models a car during a skid. Describe a procedure to measure the stopping distance of the car after it passes through the photogate timer. (Specifically define where the measurements should begin and end). Part B - Student Designed Experiment Now that you have practiced using the photogate to determine the initial speed of a wooden car and developed a procedure for measuring the stopping distance, it ...read more.


State at least one question about speed, acceleration, or force that arises from your investigation? Class Results: Record the conclusions of each of the other teams in your class. Active Physics Transportation Chapter 1 Name: _______________________ Activity Three: Stopping Your Car Post Lab Questions: I. Distance traveled by car during response time You have previously studied the effects of response time on the distance traveled by a car before braking. As a review what do you think is the effect of doubling the speed on the distance traveled during response time? Explain. I. II. II. Distance Traveled by Car During Braking 1. Select two values of speed from your graph, with one value just double the other. When the speed of the car doubles, what happens to the stopping distance required if a driver slams on the brakes? (Provide specific evidence.) 2. Compare two stopping distances for which the second speed is three times as fast. What is the effect of tripling the speed on the distance traveled during stopping? (Provide specific evidence). 3. Your data can be used to explain the advantage of driving at slower speeds. Use your data to explain what will happen to the required stopping distance if you decrease your speed by one-half? Delaware Science Van Project, Delaware Department of Education 655 Glenwood Avenue, Smyrna, DE 19977 Created August 22, 2000 ...read more.

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