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In 'still life at the penguin caf' by David Bintley each section has different music, costumes, set and animals. All the animals have different movements to show their characters and the places they are found.

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STILL LIFE AT THE PENGUIN CAF� Task 1: In 'still life at the penguin caf�' by David Bintley each section has different music, costumes, set and animals. All the animals have different movements to show their characters and the places they are found. When looking at the flea and the zebra it is very clear that they are very different characters. The flea is jolly where as the zebra is serious. The flea is introduced when the rat exits the stage left. The flea then enters from the same side. All the dancers including the flea enter stage left in a 'follow the leader' line, into the centre of the stage making a circle. The last dancer is the flea. As done in the previous section there is one female soloist and five male dancers. Two lines are lead around each side of the stage to meet at the back. All the dancers use hop, step ball change and running patterns with the flea. ...read more.


He carries out slow, smooth transfers into new positions, directions and levels. He kneels with he's arms stretched out to the left side framing he's head, which is turned to the right. The zebra stands facing down stage right. He stands flexed at the hips to make a flat back, legs straight and arms reaching towards the floor. This resembles a four-legged zebra. The sequential movements ripple unexpectedly down the spine. The zebra uses small shuffling hops or shunts that stay close to the ground as a way to travel to the downstage centre. This helps to illustrate the African influence. He uses contrast in level as he travels from shape to shape. An example of this is when he bends over to hold his supporting ankle, flexing at the hip joint and balancing on a straight leg while all the other bends are vertically behind him. The zebra expresses himself as a serious character this is done by the movements he uses. ...read more.


It is also in a style of what a farm labourer wears which may suggest that he is from a Texas farm. The baggy fitted dungarees can also suggest poverty. A realistic head mask of a rat is also worn. The Ram wears a head mask, with curled horns, woolly head of a realistic portrayed sheep. The neck is uncovered. She wears a long apricot silk coloured dress that becomes darker in shade down the body. The sleeveless, tight fitted top has a boat neckline. From the right shoulder a frill fins its way down across the body and winds itself around and down the layered and heavily flounced skirt. She wears high-heeled shoes in a matching apricot tone of the dress to show that she is quite an elegant character and flesh coloured tights. Later on the skirt is removed to show her legs. She is left with bare legs and a loose train at the back. Her dress sense shows a sign of elegance. He movements and rich fabric can suggest her wealth. She comes across as stylish and glamorous. ...read more.

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