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How Accurate Is It To Describe The Government Between 1822-30 As Liberal Tories?

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How Accurate Is It To Describe The Government Between 1822-30 As Liberal Tories? When we use the word Liberal, its intended meaning is open to opinion. The person or group is very open-minded and open to change. The Tories during 1822-30 appeared to be very Liberal at this time. They appeared to be changing their minds on a number of issues, such as Religious Freedom, Political Rights and Free Trade. They also appeared to be changing their attitudes about people's freedom of expression. The Six Acts, created to prevent people grouping together, in fear of a revolution. This Act was abolished as the masses appeared to be content with life, and not in an uproar with the country. The Tories appeared to be Liberal with the supposed arrival of new men into the Cabinet. Lord Goderich was introduced as Chancellor of the Exchequer. William Huskisson became President of the Board of Trade. With George Canning also becoming Foreign Secretary. ...read more.


Although trade was rather free, compared to previous years, it still remained tightly controlled. Free Trade only appeared in order to benefit the Government, not in order to help the people. The Exchequer received increased income from the heightened trade. But most importantly it reduced the increasing problem of smuggling, which was a big problem during the times of high taxation in trade. The cheaper costs of materials for factories and other such workplaces, did not create the wage increases expected. People still suffered with a low wage and poor living conditions. Socially the country experienced great change. The Penal Code was rewritten. Sentences for crimes were lessened, to ensure the Law was easily enforceable. Previously many people were seen not guilty due to the high penalty of death for such minor offences such as stealing. The Gaols Act cleaned up the prisons of the country. Trade Unions were once again legal, and allowed people to discuss disputes with their manager over items such as pay and work hours. ...read more.


Also the Test of Corporations was repealed in 1828. In conclusion the Liberal Tories were in fact the same as they had been in previous years. They were no more Liberal than before. The only reason the appeared Liberal was due to the apparent new men on the Cabinet, whose ability to speak well in the Commons, made them appear very liberal. Almost all ideas they brought forward had been created in the days of Pitt. They just re-ignited the flame and set the ball rolling again. The only things that may have appeared very Liberal would have been the passing of Catholic Emancipation and the idea of Free Trade. But these two ideas were only created to appease problems the Government faced. The uprising and possible rebellion in Ireland forced them to pass Catholic Emancipation. While the increasing problem of smuggling and evasion of trade duties, meant the Government needed to relax the laws on trading. Also compared to the Whig Reformers of 1830-41, they could not possibly be called Liberal Tories ?? ?? ?? ?? Jason Chadwick ...read more.

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