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What is Sustainable investment?

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´╗┐SUSTAINABLE INVESTMENT ? INVESTMENT WORTH DOING Have you ever wondered what will happen to our future generations as we are leaving behind a slowly dying Earth with so many people suffering due social, political and environmental problems? We are facing power crunch, global warming, poverty, deaths due to malnutrition, etc. These are not simple issues which can be dealt overnight. These are global issues which can be addressed only by the combined efforts of all humans. But one emerging field which has been gaining immense popularity in global scenario which can solve some of these issues is Sustainable investment or socially responsible investment. ...read more.


Many institutions are setup to encourage investors and social entrepreneurs for innovating new approaches to achieve social and environmental impact. Investors shouldn?t be always on the lookout for heavy profits, there is another side of the coin which is being socially responsible. Some of the key points that investors should keep in mind before plunging their money is: 1. Invest in projects that contribute positive benefits to the society 2. Not to go for projects which cause damage to environment or people in any way 3. ...read more.


These awards reflect the growing role that the financial sector plays in addressing some of the world?s most pressing challenges, including climate change and environmental degradation, social exclusion, food security, improving access to finance, and using technology to better serve the world?s poor. Many such events are organized to encourage socially responsible investing. Many social entrepreneurs are emerging in areas like power, finance (microcredit), health, education, etc but are not growing due to lack of capital. Only investing in such ventures will regenerate life on Earth. Not only huge investors but a common man can do sustainable investment by buying environmentally and people friendly products. Sustainable investment, an investment worth doing for a better life and a better future. By, K.Yogarchana, PGDM - DSF ...read more.

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