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A stroll in the park.

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A stroll in the park The boy walked out into the moonlight and walked across the street towards the lonely park that looked like his only home. The moon glowed in the darkness as a sign of hope. The wind blew the boys light brown wavy hair revealing his pale skin. He strolled to the gate of the park and stopped thinking if he should go into the darkness that lay before him. He looked back at his home and then at the tall shadow formed on the pavement because of his tall figure for his age. He stood for a solid minute not moving a muscle like a statue but then dragged himself through the old rusty gates. As he strolled through the owl statues on each end of the gates stared at him as he went into the isolated park where the birds did not dare to fly over. The boy knew he had to go into the park to discover the thing that lurked there and to meet his fear. If he had not his nightmares would never end. He walked on the pathway towards the lake as the trees watched him. The boy could barely see the lake in front of him in the blinding darkness. ...read more.


So the boy decided to visit the park during the night when nobody would notice he had gone as he was not allowed to go to the park as whenever he did he always got lost and then it was nearly impossible to find him again as he would stay as silent as a mouse. The day went tremendously fast which was a dislike to the boy. Time grew nearer and nearer he had to go he could not back out now. The few hours before the boy's bedtime went so fast that the boy was surprised his mother had not noticed. Once it was his bedtime he swept up the stairs and dragged himself to sleep as his thoughts were gone about the park. It seemed he had only laid his head on his pillow when his alarm went off. The boy quickly smacked the alarm off and roused himself up. He picked up his bright digital clock and studied it until his eyes adjusted to darkness and told him it was 12.03am. The boy then walked around the room searching for his torch that he had placed on his desk. He then put on some warm clothes and a bright white jacket. ...read more.


The boy stood like he had been turned into stone and waited for the wolf to make a move. The wolf made its way into the light, its brown dirty coat did not make the boy feel better. It took another step but then stopped. The boy looked at the wolfs eyes and noticed it no longer stared at him but something else. The boy forcing his head around let out a shriek. It was another wolf slightly younger and chubbier. The boy gulped as sweat began to wash his body. His legs trembled at the sight. The boy then turned back to the adult wolf. It seemed not to be interested in the boy now. The smaller one made a move to the boy and so did the adult one. They both had a step each when something the boy never imagined would happen. The wolf behind leapt into the air as the adult one did to. Both missing the boy began to fight as the boy watched in amazement. Almost forgetting they were wolves not wrestlers the boy took the chance and sprinted down the path out of the gate without looking back until he reached his door. He had made it the boy thought as he took out his necklace and admired it again before going back into the house and thinking sadly that he would not be able to tell anyone about his bravery. Jasmit Hundal 10 GK IV ...read more.

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