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The Nightingale by Coleridge and Wordsworths Lines written a few miles above Tintern Abbey compared.

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Q: The concept of nature was extremely important to the Romantic poets. With reference to two poems, examine the ways in which nature is presented. The concept of nature and imagination were extremely important to Wordsworth, Coleridge and most of the Romantic poets. This is especially evident in 'The Nightingale', whereby Coleridge reflects on natures association with man- more specifically it's disassociation and also evident in 'lines written a few miles above Tintern Abbey', which celebrates Wordsworth's return to the Wye valley, which he had visited five years previously when he was on a walking tour, with his sister Dorothy. The importance of nature is presented in both poems through the use of language to convey the idea and themes of nature as soothing, spiritual presence; beautiful in vision and more importantly the importance nature has, in inspiring joy. The concept of nature is evident in Wordsworth's 'Lines written a few miles above Tintern Abbey', as the whole first verse of the poem gives the reader an in-depth commentary of the rustic scenery, in


There is also a strong image of nature 'In which the burthen of mystery', which weighs heavily upon at times is lightened. The use of language of 'burthen' also puts emphasis on the word weighing it down, only for the word 'lighten'd', lightening the mood giving us a sense of uplifting and freedom from troubles. Nature is also presented as a sublime spiritual presence causing joy is apparent as his present memory of his past experiences of the surroundings float over his present view of these memories, and he feels bittersweet joy in reviving them. As nature is as important as 'That in this moment there is life and food', the strong reference to these images of nature being compared to having the same importance as food is fundamental in explaining Wordsworth's feelings on how highly important he feels it is. 'The Nightingale' is also similar in the portrayal of nature as joyous and an important aspect of life as Coleridge portrays the fact that just because the 'Nightingale', which is a bird that is


Giving the castle a secluded feeling, but also the vision of the 'most gentle maid' who 'Glides thro the pathways' reinforces the mystery and gives the reader the sense that nature is being worshipped. The use of language to describe the joyous beauty of the birds of the singing is also effective in creating an exciting feeling as they all 'Have all burst forth in choral minstrelsy'. As there is a strain on the words 'bust forth', highlighting the dramatic and sudden sound. This feeling of being sudden is personified through the 'tipsy Joy that reels with tossing head', giving an image of 'Joy' almost being drunk with happiness. Overall these dramatic devices serve to present nature as well as its importance as can be seen through Coleridge's portrayal of nature as essentially joyous and should inspire joy and other human feelings and serving to project these human feelings. It is this lesson Coleridge hopes to instil in his child, those poets and people who describe the Nightingale as 'melancholy' have yet to learn it. Things to do: Psychology coursework Psychology Revision Sociology revision Poetry ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Ayan Dol English essay

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