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Amitabh Bachan - Indian cinema.

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Amitabh Bachan. It is the name that already gives away the story of Bachan's past and current life as it is. He is one of the finest and the most extravagant actor's in the whole of the Indian cinema. He is a phenomenon and has many reasons to be liked if not loved. Bachan was born on October 11th, 1942, into a Hindu kayashtha family. His father was a well known poet harivansh rai Bachan and his mother, was a typical house wife. Bachan's parents died while he was still young and fresh in the films. This is his life so far in these few pages. Bachan started off in 'saat Hindustani' in 1969. The film was not a very good financial success, but was nominated the best newcomer. When he won this award, he was still in the same position, many people did not know who he even was as his film was not a great success. He still did not earn himself the respect and authority that many other actors had gained when they had started. Bachan knew he had to work much harder to accomplish what he wants. Although Bachan gave good performances, he wanted to do something which could help him be recognised. ...read more.


Bachan left politics after 3 years, His political career was short lived due to some bitter experiences, he left his term incomplete, After three years in the politics he returned to filming and played in the film 'shahensha' produced by Bachan himself and the A.B.C.L cast. The film was a box-office success because of his comeback. ABCL was a production company that produced films for Bachan and his cast. Bachan was a producer at this point in his life, after insisting that he feels better from his accident back in 1983. A.B.C.L also had the power to sponsor miss universe pageant. The company would make adverts for many products around the world such as watches and men's clothes. They would make audio cassettes, and DVD's. The first film they produced was called 'tere mere sapne' (mine and your dreams) this was not going well aswel as 'mrityundaata'. They had lost millions when they were holding a ceremony for the beauty pageant in Bangalore, because of the poor management. The idea was to make 10 millions rupees every year but that dream was fading away slowly as the more movies they made the more the company would fall into money problems. The company was falling to pieces after money problem emerged and the company couldn't keep up with it. ...read more.


Bachan was becoming the legend of Bollywood. Since the year 2000 he was in many films by yash chopra one of the best movie makers and the most respected. He has worked alongside his son Abhishek Bachan in 'bunty and bubli', and 'jhoom barabar jhoom'. One of his films since 2000 was not a mega success like the others that was 'cheenin kam' (less sugar), it was not a great success due to the part he played of falling in love with a young actress. It didn't look good on him as being an old actor. Doing family films such as 'baghban' and 'kabhie khushi kabhi gham' was a better and major mega hit unlike his films with young actresses. He has played major role character's in life as a father, husband, friend, actor, singer, and still no one seems to have become bored of him, not even the youngsters of this century, who are amazed and definitely be honoured to meet the man himself. He had at least 4-5 major hits every year, as an old man, and that no other actor his age has or is doing, they usually retire. The very proud and traditional Bachan still thinks that even today he needs to show the world what he has to give and feels that he wants to be acting till the end of his life. ?? ?? ?? ?? Akilah Khaliq Piece 1 Amitabh Bachan Word count: 1659 words ...read more.

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