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Belonging Essay Joy Luck Club

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Belonging Essay ? Joy Luck Club People often feel like they don?t belong when they move to a different place because they are not familiar with the new surroundings. However, as time passes, they become more comfortable and accustomed to the area and as a result they have a sense of belonging. ?The Joy Luck Club? by Amy Tan (explores) creates this sense of belonging when the protagonists travel to America and share stories together. [personal, cultural, historical and social contexts] Our personal context affects the rate at which we develop a relationship with a group or a place, and thus whether we feel like we belong. This theme is shown throughout ?The Joy Luck Club? through stories which are told by the four main characters and their daughters, whilst sitting around a mah-jong table. The remarriage of Betty St Clair and her migration to America from China was a way for her to start a new life and forget her past. ...read more.


Jing Mei Woo finds herself metaphorically in a ?city of leftovers mixed together?, which suggests that she doesn?t belong, as everyone has distinct cultures and lifestyles. Though, this can also mean that they belong together as they were all leftovers from different place which gathered in the same place. The use of repetition in ?Even if you put on their clothes, even if you take off your makeup and hide your fancy jewellery, they know just by watching the way you walk, the way you carry your face, you do not belong? emphasises that no matter what Waverly does, people in China will know that she is an outsider due to her lifestyle as an American. Therefore, when cultures are the same, there is a greater chance of belonging. However, even if they are different, as long as they are in the same situation, there can also be a sense of belonging. ...read more.


marriage, suggests that This shows no sign of belonging as she is forced to give up her life for her husband and her own family started treating her as if she belonged to someone else. The simile ?He acted like a big warlord? suggests that he looked down upon Lindo as she was from a lower class family. This shows no sign of belonging as she being lower class does not fit in with the rich class people. Conclusion These personal accounts from the characters convey the theme of belonging, as they are constantly travelling to new places and trying to begin a new life. However, even though it seems like there is no sign of belonging, it is created though the help of others, passing of time or if a person?s characteristics are similar to those in the area, as shown in ?The Joy Luck Club?. [a]Be more specific ? what exact time period was it in China ? eg During WW2 in China?. Au-Yeung, Timothy ...read more.

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