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Dance of the Demons.

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Dance of the Demons It was a horrendously dark stormy night, while my friends and I were flying a helicopter through the thick, dense woods back to our base. Suddenly we were caught by flashes of thunder and lightning which broke the helicopters wing and resulted in a crash landing injuring us all. There were three of us and we were all well trained commandos from the U.S Army. We were on a mission to Scotland as part of our training. My name is Tony Price and I worked as a detective in the army. My companions were George Milan and Mark Hill, George was a thirty year old archeologist, six feet in height, red tormented haired, blue sinister eyes and he was the cleverest among us. Mark was just the opposite. He was a well experienced recruitment officer in the army, five feet in height, with smooth black shining hair and kind eyes. He was also the most fearless, boldest and bravest person between us. Upon my awakening, my first sighting was a grave stone with blood and scratch marks smeared all over it, which horrified me. I stood up slowly and painfully because I was badly bruised. I was shocked by the state of my body as I had never been this bloody before. ...read more.


Erie wailing sounds could be heard and in the far distance howling and screaming of perhaps wild animals, humans or possibly little children with shrieking, shrilly voices. As our eyes became accustomed to the darkness, we were petrified to see demons rising up from the ground with hideous faces and performing a ritual dance around a torso. My friends were gripped with fear and were suffering in agony the pain going through their bodies. My head too was spinning, but I knew that we had to escape from this devilish, hellish place before the horror and gloom of this very dark night swallows us in it's darkness. Our army training skills came in handy to crawl and slither among the trees towards a faint flickering light in the far, far distance. We had managed to crawl our way past the demons without disturbing them and we dared not walk for the fear of being caught by these evil, in-human figures. We eventually reached an old war torn ruined castle and gasped a sigh of relief, but this was only short lived because as I turned my head, I saw rows and rows of ruined half dug graves. Some of the head stones of the graves had strange barbaric features and decorative letters which were styled as half demons and half humans with blood oozing from their eyes. ...read more.


This must be the castle dungeon, where we had the most vile and foul experience of seeing diabolically fiendish figures being tortured and stretched out on tattered rusty instruments of torture. To our bewilderment there was complete death like silence as if the whole thing was happening in a silent movie. With breath taking sensation we tried to touch the figures, but our hands would be just go through them. This was mind blowing. Walking on through the dungeon, the same hellish scenes being repeated, we fell down and hit the ground with sheer exhaustion. The next day we woke up with the heat of the hot sun beaming on our bodies. We sat up startled thinking of the horrific scenes which had passed in the night, but outside the day was bright and there was no remainder of last night, in fact we found ourselves sleeping in the long hall of the dungeon ground. We crept outside and to our relief, we saw army helicopters flying outside giving signals. We hugged each other with joy. Having been rescued, we asked the rescue team, why they did not pick us up earlier? We were told that they could not find anything because it was just plain woodlands, until they received a mysterious phone call informing them, where we were. We wonder up to this day, which demon took pity on us and saved us. ...read more.

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