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Disabled by Wilfred Owen

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Disabled by Wilfred Owen "Disabled" is a poem about the effects of war on a person and what it can do mentally and physically. It is also about how friends, or anybody, can affect your decisions and try to make you do things you wouldn't normally. It is also stating that war is not good and that it doesn't help anyone. The poem starts "He sat in a wheeled chair, waiting for dark, and shivered in his ghastly suit of grey"; this sort of language already puts a thought of depression in our minds because of the shivering, and the "ghastly suit of grey". Shivering is usually a sign of coldness or disease, and a "ghastly suit of grey" is dull, and forgotten. ...read more.


Soon enough he was drafted and he went off to war with cheers and good spirit, "Espirit de corps". When he got back there were some people to welcome him home and some just didn't care much Some thanked him for what he had done. It says "All of them touch him like some queer disease". People generally try to avoid diseases, just like they try to avoid him. The use of the word "disease" makes us think how bad off he must be and how nobody will even come talk to him, because they are afraid of "catching" him like they would a disease. Now that he has a large assortment of injuries nobody pays attention to him but a few. ...read more.


Why don't they come?" This sort of language makes you think of how depressed and bored he must be. Not able to do anything for himself, but requiring other people to even put him to bed. This poem is saying that war is not all it is cracked up to be. Everywhere you go you will find war propaganda, saying "Join now, be a hero!" or something of the sort. Things like that glorify war and make it sound like a game. This poem points out that all of those things are not true, war is not a game, and you will not become a hero from it, you will either survive and be forgotten or die. War does not help anyone; it only causes destruction and sadness. Nothing good can come of it. Logan MacLaren English 1/4/2001 ...read more.

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