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Super size me by morgan

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Key Performers: Morgan Spurlock, Daryl M. Isaacs M.D., Bridget Bennett, RD., Healthy Chef Alex (Morgan's Wife) Did you like this movie? Why/why not? Although "Super Size Me" was a very disturbing movie, I enjoyed it. Morgan Spurlock did a great job of showing that fast food might taste good, but we need to be careful about how and when we eat it. I also enjoyed it because the music to the movie was catchy and it sticks in your head. In what way did it succeed? I think, to state the obvious, this movie succeeded in the fact that McDonald's no longer has the Super Size option. Other than that aspect, "Super Size Me" succeeded in it's ratings, and in the minds of the viewers. ...read more.


Did it touch you or affect you? How? This movie affected me greatly! I, like the many other millions of American, love fast food. Although it has never been part of my daily diet, I would say that I ate it a lot. After seeing this film, I have cut back on my fast-food intake, and no longer buy chicken nuggets from anywhere, and refuse to support McDonalds in anyway, shape, or form. I was upset in the fact that many McDonalds' did not even have their nutrition facts available for their customers to see. I believe that the fast food industry, as a whole, is manipulative, and dishonest, and Morgan Spurlock's movie "Super Size Me", opened my eyes to that. Would you recommend it / repeat your experience of it? ...read more.


While doing this, Morgan supplies a look into how our food is prepared. The overall point of this movie is to explain, with a real life example, that fast food is UNHEALTHY! Did it remind you of anything? What? This film reminded me of the things you don't normally think of. It reminded me that America might be one of the most powerful countries, but it is also THE FATTEST country as well. It reminded me that large corperations are not always the most honest. This movie takes you to that place in your mind that you try to forget about, but shouldn't. It reminds you to be aware of your body, and to take care of yourself. Just because you are able to do something, doesn't mean you should. ...read more.

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