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Discovery Essay

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Away- Discovery Leanne Wong Discovery involves an individual being removed from their comfort zone. In Michael Gow's play, Away, tells the story of three internally - conflicted families. Each of the three families hopes that the holiday will resolve the crisis that they face. The main characters Gwen, Tom and Coral respond to challenges and discover more about themselves and the world as a result of their experiences in the play. Self-discovery is about letting go and moving on. As a result of the individuals' life experiences, he or she will tend to cling onto their valuable possessions in the safety and awareness of losing everything. When the individual has been living with limited resources during their childhood years, the individual discover that life is difficult and confronting. ...read more.


In Act Three Scene Four, a storm arises and Gwen was more worried about her possessions than the welfare of herself and her family. "The boat will be washed away." In Act Three Scene Five, Vic helps Gwen to calm down by suggesting a walk on the beach. When they return they have been crying and are supporting each other. She learns that it is better to go with the flow in life rather than make herself and everyone around her miserable. When an individual has been taken into the outcome, he or she may learn to discover what matters' the most to them. The wilderness beach setting without society's restrictions allow Gwen to grow. "Come down to the water. The water is so warm." The symbolism of the water is to cleanse and heal the soul, and begin a new life, like a baptism. ...read more.


She blocks memories of the war so she can move on. Her reminiscent quote "We won't mention helicopters or jungles, or mines -." makes her think about WWII and her son's death. In Act Three, Scene Three, shows how she is trying to replace her son with Rick. "You're still alive, you're still alive talking and breathing." In Act Four, Scene Three, shows how she has come back to life, and she is moving on, she is walking on her own now. "I'm walking, I'm walking." Individuals have the ability to recognise when they are defeated. He teaches everyone to make the most of life, and his acceptance of his fate enables others to be healed. "We unburden'd crawl toward death." Tom's association with King Lear - Tom is self-aware. During the storm the three families find themselves thrown together on the beach that is the play's setting and their antagonisms are exploded and resolved. ...read more.

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