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Do you think that the ending to 'Of Mice and Men' is satisfactory?

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Do you think that the ending to 'Of Mice and Men' is satisfactory? To make a decision on the satisfaction of the ending to this book it is necessary to look through the book and pinpoint aspects that affect then ending. One of the key characters in the book is Lennie. From the start of the book, the writer uses anthropomorphism to describe Lennie, "He dabbled his big paw in the water and wiggled his fingers". This gives a great picture of the enormous strength that Lennie has. Although Lennie is really strong, he is gentle and a little mentally handicapped, he is just like a child. Lennie has a fascination with animals and soft things. In Weed Lennie was entranced by a little girls dress he then continues to feel the dress and stroke it. The little girls get really worried and then starts to scream as Lennie is simple minded he freezes up and just clings on to the dress. ...read more.


Lennie has lost every job for them, for example, they were forced to flee from Weed because of a mistake made by Lennie. This makes me feel really bad for George as I believe that he could go places if it were not for Lennie holding him back. There are many other people on the ranch: * Candy, the good-natured old gossip * Curley, vicious little bully * Curley's wife, a lonely, nameless woman * Slim, a fair respected supervisor * Crooks, lonely victim of racial prejudice * Carlson a typical macho ranch hand These people are very important to the book, they all have different views on the people and the times they live in. Crooks is cold as he is a victim of racism and Curley's wife is sad because she believes that she could have made more of herself in the pictures. The most important link that all the people have in common is that they are all very lonely. ...read more.


Lennie dies with dignity whilst he is happy thinking about the ranch and tending the rabbits. The fact that Lennie is completely unaware of his death it makes this the kindest thing that George could have done. It is however ironic that George's act however brave would probably look as though he took the coward's way out by shooting Lennie in the back. In the closing act the only comfort that George has is the friendship of Slim. Curley and Carlson are so deficient of compassion that they are surprised to observe the sadness of George and Slim. The last comment by Carlson "Now what the hell ya suppose is eatin' those two guys?" is just a note on the ignorance and the reality of the world they live in. This book is more than just a story, it is an accurate depiction of the times, a time where people are very quiet, lonely and self involved which are demonstrated throughout the book and encapsulated at the end. The ending is more than satisfactory. It is a perfect example of the harsh world that they live in. Mike Richards 'Of Mice and Men' 28/04/07 ...read more.

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