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English Creative writing inspired by The Power of Five: Nightrise

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´╗┐Holiday Work 1. The power of five: night rise: This book is the third book in the series. Fourteen year-old twins Scott and Jamie Tyler have never known who they are or where they came from, but they have always known that they possess extraordinary powers. When Scott is kidnapped by the sinister Nightrise Corporation and Jamie is framed for murder, they realize that they must use those powers if they are going to survive. But Jamie is catapulted thousands of years into the past, bringing him face to face with the full horror of the Old Ones. Here Jamie learns that he is one of five Gatekeepers whose power is all that stands in the way of eternal chaos. Together at last, the Five must fight the massed forces of evil. And they must win. ________________ Some themes I noticed while reading this book were death, family and despair. Family is a significant theme in this book, the connection between Scott and Jamie is the consistent plotline in the book, the twins explain near the beginning of the book that they find reading each other?s minds much easier than reading the minds of anyone else because of their brotherly connection. ...read more.


________________ 1. Creative writing piece: This creative writing piece is from the perspective of Scott while he is in the custody of the Nightrise Corporation. I woke up on a bed make of solid, grey stone. All I had to keep me warm was a coarse, moth eaten blank. I stood up and made my way across the small room, as I approached the door a grill in the top of the door opened ?Oh good, you?re awake,? said the woman on the other side of the door ?I?m Susan Mortlake; I?m CEO of the Nightrise Corporation.? ?How long have I been here?? I asked tentatively. ?3 days, we had no idea the darts we shot you with would knock you out for so long. You must be hungry, stand away from the door.? She opened the door and I noticed she was holding a plate with a slice of bread and a lump of cheese on it. ?Here you go,? she noticed my hesitation ?don?t worry; there?s nothing wrong with it.? I grabbed the plate and ran to the bed. As I sat down I noticed her following me over. ...read more.


She turned and walked out of the room leaving me cold and shaking on the floor. I stood up and curled up on the bed under the blanket. As I fell asleep my last though was ?I?ve got to get out of here.? ________________ I chose to write from the perspective of Scott in this piece of writing because in the novel you don?t find out what happened to Scott when he gets kidnapped. Therefore I chose him so you would have an idea of what Scott went through. Also I made the character of Susan Mortlake lie to Scott so that the story would make sense, if she lied to Scott and told him that his destiny was to help them, not to stop them then he would be more likely to do whatever they ask. I made the Nightrise Corporation put Scott in bad conditions, like the slice of bread and a lump of cheese, because in the book when Jamie eventually finds Scott he is described as pale and gaunt from what they assume is a lack food and sleep. If he was getting minimal food and was sleeping on a stone bed with just a bad quality blanket to keep him warm then he is more likely to lose a lot of weight and suffer from insomnia. ...read more.

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