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Freshman Year: High School and College, Similar or a drastic difference?

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Brandon Hart Professor Amanda Miller English 101 12 February 2012 Freshman Year: High School and College, Similar or a drastic difference? It's your freshman year of college; your parents give a final goodbye as you walk away, anxiously walking into the next chapter into adulthood. Like many of us, you ask yourself: "How can this be any different from freshman year of high school?" - well it is. While in high school, students aren't being prepared for the next chapter as much as we should be. Because high school teachers are lacking the fulfillment of this essential responsibility, we are finding that when college year comes around, first year students are more stressed and unprepared then ever before. ...read more.


Having to start out in a new school and new town without friends can be a stressful and uncomfortable situation for anyone. Emotional distress can also differ between the two stages of life. "An increasing number feel unable to cope with the emotional demands of college life, and transitional worries have morphed into longer-term fears: Why isn't life falling into place for me?" (Christine B. Whelan). The University of California, in Los Angeles, CA, conducts a yearly, national survey - asking more than 200,000 college freshmen each year. The results of this survey are appalling. The report tells us that college freshman are increasingly becoming "overwhelmed", as well as having their emotional health levels at an all time low. ...read more.


High school educators have a role to guide and help influence socialization, as well as guide students for better self-management. Both, Andrew Brownstein and Christine B. Whelan, mention in their articles about students connecting their stress to the lecturing in college. "Students also reported that "extensive lecturing" was the most prevalent teaching technique they encountered, with 96 percent saying it was used "frequently" or "occasionally." (Andrew Brownstein). But are the students alone, responsible for the stress and "lack of skills" that they endure while in school? - I think not. Parents, along with educators have the responsibility to prepare their students for "the real world". This means that they need to help students with time management, as well as distressing techniques. Do to this lack of un-professionalism, students aren't prepared while in high school, when freshman college year comes around, they are more stressed and unprepared then ever before. ...read more.

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