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From Book One how does Hardy link the character of Eustacia Vye with the landscape of Edgon heath

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From Book One how does Hardy link the character of Eustacia Vye with the landscape of Edgon heath? You should make reference of the appearance of both and what this tells the reader about the personality of Eustacia. The response should include a number of quotes to support your thoughts. I think that the first prominent feature of The Return of the Native is Hardy's description of the landscape. ...read more.


The characters themselves seem to act either as embodiments or outgrowths of the heath itself, as Eustacia Vye's physical appearance and volatile emotions suggest its willful wildness. Furthermore, Eustacia's physical activity is characterized by lengthy periods of indolence punctured by brief, spontaneous periods of energy, as the heath oscillates between periods of placid beauty and savage harshness. ...read more.


and her eyes are the eyes of a pagan goddess (tellingly, they are not eyes of placid Christian virtue). Like the heath, Eustacia holds dark mysteries in the depth of her heart, and she rebels against the restraint of convention, as the heath rebels against human restrictions on its unruliness. Eustacia's appearance is a physical manifestation of her dominant personality traits: rebelliousness, an almost pagan exotic nature, and a volatile and emotional temper. I think Hardy wishes to suggest that, like the heath, she is stunningly beautiful, but dangerously, tragically harsh. ...read more.

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