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Function and Power of English - Journal.

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Function and Power of English - Journal My whole process for the assignment started with my choice of topic. I originally was going to research an IT Career and the growth of the industry in recent years but decided I needed a topic with more impact. I also decided to do a topic that I had a bit more interest and knowledge in. I finally settled on the topic of 'rap music'. I have always had an interest in this genre of music and not only do I admire the lyrical skills of today's rappers but also the stories behind the artists and the hidden messages in their songs. My first step in the process of my assignment was to research and create a file of backup material on my topic. I decided I would centre my research around the effects of rap music on young, impressionable children. ...read more.


I also decided to print out the lyrics of many of today's popular rap songs to help as part of my research process. I then began to write my article making it an in depth study showing the negatives effects of rap music but also the benefits. I tried to provide the reader with the facts for them to make an informed decision while not trying to be biased. I completed my article and with thorough checking I am quite happy with the final result. Looking back over the whole process I believe that I have done quite a good job. I chose a topic that I was interested in as it is hard to get motivated over a topic that you, yourself find boring. I think the finished article is a nice blend of fact and opinion, not overwhelming the reader with facts and figures. It was important when I was writing the article not to be biased on the subject even though I am fan of rap music. ...read more.


The article is also something that grabs the attention. This made it easier to grab a target audience as most young people listen to rap music and many parents are concerned about the faces of rap music. Overall I'd say that the assignment was a valuable experience. I was able to extend my language skills and really get thinking in how I would express my views. It really let you think for yourself, with such an open format you could really do anything you wanted. I am pleased with the end result but believe if I had organised my time and resources a little better I would've had a better product. I felt I presented my results in a way that was easy to understand and is a valid issue at the moment. I had a good knowledge of the topic and so I think it was a good choice and was something I was concerned about. Again a valuable study that has taught me so much that I can put into practice now and for years to come. ...read more.

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