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Grandfather's Journey by Allen Say - questions and answers on the text.

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Picture Books - Written Responses Grandfather's Journey by Allen Say Question 1. Describe how the story is structured to influence your response to the text. Question 2. Describe one of the story's major settings. How is it constructed and what is its significance to the story and its ideas? North America is the major setting in this book. North America holds a lot of new technology and everything is new and spectacular to him, the trains, the enormous rock sculptures and an endless farming field are examples of this. There is also a bad side to this place; there are huge cities of factories and tall buildings with thick smoke coming out of each building. But above all, best place was California, where there were a strong sunlight, the Sierra Mountains and the seacoast. ...read more.


At the beginning (on page 4) the text was 'My grandfather was a young man when he left his home in Japan and went to see the world". On this page it shows the grandfather in Japanese clothes and the background had very dull colours because he is still in the 'Old World'. On the next page it shows the transition to the 'New World'. The background colours have changed from dull to bright and he had changed into European clothes. The wave that looks very unsteady shows the 'New World'. All this happens when you want to 'see the world. On page 17, there is a picture of the grandfather's daughter holding a pram with a European doll sitting in it. The text that goes with the page was 'As his daughter grew, my grandfather began to think about his own childhood. ...read more.


In the film Pearl Harbour, one of the scenes was Japan bombing Pearl Harbour. This only shows the negative side of Japan, where they were attackers, but it did not show them as the victims suffering from the disaster. This movie is persuading the audience to blame Japan for the damages of the war, where Japan had to go through the emotional breakdowns and physical injuries. Even though the book tells us not to blame Japan for the damages and the movie shows us that Japan was the enemy in World War II, there is still a link between the two texts and that is after a war majority of the participating countries will have, no matter large or small, havocs. I think, because of this, we should not blame a certain country for the occurrence of the war, and should not blame any country since the countries that participated are both enemies and victims of the war. ...read more.

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