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"Great Gatsby" chapter 3 essay

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HOW DOES FITZGERALD TELL THE STORY IN CHAPTER THREE? Following on from the previous chapters where we were introduced to all the main characters, this chapter is structurally separated into two parts. The first focuses on a lavish party thrown by Gatsby and it is here we witness Nick becoming a participant. In the second part of the chapter, we gain a general context of Nick, our intrafictional narrator?s day to day life. As before, Nick remains our retrospective narrator, ?reading over what I have written so far? and Fitzgerald continues to present Nick as an outsider, an observer, listening in. ...read more.


Furthermore, in this chapter not only do we have the narrative voice of Nick, but Fitzgerald also incorporates the reported speech of other characters namely ?yawning? Jordan, but also for the first time, the mysterious Gatsby and it is here that we discover his use of idiolect ?Old Sport?. Whilst Nick?s narrative voice is crucial to telling the story of Chapter 3, the use of descriptive language used by Fitzgerald is also an integral part. In contrast to the earlier grey, dusky setting of chapter 2, Fitzgerald uses a considerable amount of figurative language involving colour ?the blue garden?, ?the yellow twins? all playing to the reader?s senses. ...read more.


Ultimately, all descriptive language used by Fitzgerald is a device used by him to introduce the story?s prevalent themes; excess, artifice and class. For example, we are aware of the menial work undertaken by the servants ?if a little button was pressed two hundred times by a butler?s thumb? in contrast to the excess and artifice of the roaring twenties for example the reference to the ?finger bowls of champagne? and thue use of semantic fields ?how groups of people swell, dissolve and form in the same breath? and how laughter is easier ?minute by minute spilled with prodigality?. The candidate discusses narrative, language, setting and structure. Ideally the essay would also discuss form but a great attempt. ...read more.

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