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How are women presented in the 1900's

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English Prose Study Coursework How are women presented in the 1900's 23/03/04 By Ben Ockham The story Turned is a story focused on betrayal and the way the wife Mrs Marroner is betrayed and her husband is disloyal when she finds out he has been sleeping with there Swedish servant, Gerta. The story then turns when Mrs Marroner and Gerta leave. The story in a sense is also about deceitful and about unfaithfulness. The context of the story shows life would be difficult for Gerta alone in the world. Her Turn is another story that has strong themes that runs through it there is a lot of selfishness and manipulation. It was set in 1912 where mining strikes were at there worst and there are a family of 4 who are living with their husband, Mr Radford who is a miner on strike. Mrs Radford is very greedy and the writer shows she gets a "satisfaction" from her. This is all focused on her manipulation and her selfishness wins over her husband. In The Story of an Hour it was set in 1894 and the story is a bit about death and this is one of the main themes .The story is starts when she hears her husband has died and her she starts to feel all kind of emotions. ...read more.


She is a woman of many talents. She has a PHD and had been to college, which is unusual for women of that time. Women in that time were expected to stay at home and be housewives. She is left with always knowing of her husband's betrayal. Mrs Marroner is betrayed when she receives a letter form her husband who is on a business trip. Although the letter wasn't meant for her it was for their Swedish servant Gerta. The letter mentions that he will be home to take care of Gerta soon and enclosed with the letter was fifty dollars. Mrs Marroner did not know what to feel. Eventually they leave to start a new life together as a new alliance Gerta, Mrs Marroner and the baby. There is a contrast from this story and The Story of an Hour its that both women are breaking free from their husbands but Mrs Mallards emotions implode on her and get the better of her. Mrs Mallard repeats the same words "Free! Body and soul free!" this shows she overwhelms herself with emotions and they implode on her. Mrs Marroner "can channel her emotions" and manages to cope with being "independent" looking after herself and Gerta and her baby. ...read more.


This story is different to all the rest because in this story she is trying to get away and have freedom she is manipulating her husband. In the other stories they're trying to get away from the husbands. The context of these stories all reflects the main themes and story lines of the stories. In Turned Mrs Marroner is a "strong" and "very clever" woman who understands the social background of Gerta. She realises the dangers of a Swedish, 18 years old, pregnant woman all alone would be. Through her determination she "forced herself to understand and extenuate the girl's misdeed and" ... "her ruined future". They manage to flee from the man who did the crime the "ignorant" man "which he" ... "took advantage of" Gerta. Through there persistence they get away. They "achieved" their freedom and they got "bursts of feelings" which they never had before under the authority of Mr Marroner. These stories all reflect the social and historical background of the position of women in the late 1800's to early 1900's. These stories show 3 women trying to cope in marriages that have huge emotions and take up almost half of there lives. The emotions in the stories are powerful and it shows that in The Story of an Hour where the powerful emotions lead to the death of Mrs Mallard. ...read more.

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