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How does the language and structure used in the play Flowers for Algernon help to convey the characters and themes of the play?

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How does the language and structure used in the play Flowers for Algernon help to convey the characters and themes of the play? In the radio play 'The play of Daniel Keyes' Flowers for Algernon' which was adapted by Bert Coules, language and structure convey the themes and characters of the play. Charlie's personality throughout the play is mainly developed throughout by the implementation of language. The changes which occur in Charlie are also emphasized dramatically through the use of language and progress reports. The play explores the themes of medial and ethical issues and how language affects this. Structure and language both play a large part in the radio play ''The play of Daniel Keyes' Flowers for Algernon' by conveying the characters and themes of the play. Charlie Gordon's character is demonstrated clearly through the language of the play. His childlike personality especially is shown clearly in the beginning and at the end of the play. This trait of Charlie's personality is shown most effectively by the use of language, as shown when Charlie races Algernon in the 'amazed'. When Charlie finally wins, he exclaims "Ha! I won! I beat Algernon!", which is similar to what a child would say after losing consistently and then winning. Similarly, when Charlie first loses to Algernon, he creates a reason to why he hasn't won, using an excuse to try make himself feel better. ...read more.


'No one I've ever known is what he appears to be on the surface'. The effect of this line emphasizes how Charlie has changed from being a simple-minded person, to one who feels anger and regret. When Charlie says 'Before, when they laughed at me, they despised me for my ignorance, now, they hate me for my knowledge. What in God's name do they want of me?', it sums up his emotions and what he feels. Joe and Frank's characters are demonstrated through the use of language in the play. Their speech constructs the characters and also affects how the character personalities come across to the audience. Their use of slang and improper tenses shows that they do not have particularly a high intelligence. "I don't think he had no operation'. This implies that although they are superior to Charlie initially, the way they speak constructs their personality as an ordinary person. Joe and Frank's personalities are constructed and conveyed the most effectively through their speech and the use of language. Progress reports play a large part in the structure of the play. They show how Charlie changes, and because it is a recurrent structure, you can use it to compare previous and current reactions. This is shown by how Charlie's style of speech changes from simplistic and childlike, to that of a genius with sophisticated ideas, and then back again. ...read more.


His blatant misunderstanding of how the doctors said that the experiment might not be permanent is shown by his reaction immediately after the operation. "But you said I'd be smart". This implies that he does not fully understand the operation, and thus, shows his inability to give his full consent. The theme of medical issues confronted in the play are conveyed through the use of language and provide an added concept to the play. In the radio play 'Flowers for Algernon' by Daniel Keyes and adapted by Bert Coules, the language and structure of the play used by the playwright conveys the characters and themes through a variety of ways. Intentional grammatical errors in speech shows the depth of Charlie's character and it also highlights the change of his intelligence. The progress reports which Coules uses also help the audience to notice the change which happens to Charlie. The main themes of the play are how the medical and ethical issues of increasing intelligence are confronted, and how society treats people with high or low intelligence. Through the dialogue of the characters, we are given a clear and vivid impression of each character' traits. The effective use of language and structure conveys the characters to a point where it feels that we know them intimately, and that makes the themes so vivid. Bert Coules has made the play 'Flowers for Algernon' an improvement, a play in which we can all relate to. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jonathan Wong 10S ...read more.

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