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Imagine you are Hari representing the villagers. Write a speech of protest to the Chief Minister against Industrialization in the village of Thul.

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Hari's speech to Chief Minister Imagine you are Hari representing the villagers. Write a speech of protest to the Chief Minister against Industrialization in the village of Thul. Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Today I have come before you, to speak of a great injustice. The city of Bombay is a mess. Nobody who has truly seen Bombay can deny this. During the monsoon season, when the streets flood with dirty water, disease and contamination reign. During the dry season, the city must go long periods of time without rain. The heat kills and ravages. What if you could find yourself a small portion of paradise? What if you could live there in accord with the weather, and not have to worry about the problems that living in Bombay brings? Just think of sheltering from the sun perfectly cool beneath a palm-tree, instead of having to move your household into the rafters of your flat to escape the rainfall. Bombay is an industrial mess and sadly cannot be restored to what it once was. The toxic roots of factories and industrialization have plagued the city and abolished all hope of Bombay returning to the glory that it was. So why am I telling you this if there's nothing you can do? What's the point in crying over spilt milk? Whilst Bombay may already have fallen victim to the juggernaut of modernization, other paradises are at risk! ...read more.


Or will they find a new place to live? Will they make this place into another paradise only to see it mutilated and transformed into yet another Bombay? Back home in Thul I felt like I was having a rough time. I had a drunken fool for a farther and a sick mother. I had to run numerous errands without reward. I had to put up with nourishment that doesn't even come close to qualifying for food. But now that I'm here in Bombay, I realize that I there was one awesome quality of living in Bombay that actually made all those burdens worth wile. I took the seventh heaven I lived in for granted. I forgot to respect nature and be thankful for the glory of my surroundings. My experiences in Bombay have greatly enhanced my admiration for the beauty of nature and I realize how lucky I am to be living in such a heaven. Before I came to Bombay I thought of it as a dream world. I envisioned a land of opportunities and prospects. But looking back I feel like a fool. Bombay is nothing in comparison to Thul. Wouldn't you be happier if you could live in an environment like the one I speak of? Wouldn't you be happier if you could go to work each morning with the sun on your back and only the sounds of the sea and the birds in your ears? ...read more.


I'm not going to pretend that I know anything about business, I am after all only a villager, but my logic tells me that it would be much cheaper and more convenient for you to build this factory somewhere where there are already people capable of running factories. Your logic should tell you this too! Is it rational? Is it reasonable to corrupt a magnificent splendor such as Thul when you need not? Please think long and hard and extensively about the crime you are on the verge of committing. Yes, this act of insanity is a crime. Are you a criminal? I beg you; please do not be reckless in your location of this factory. If you are, you will be obliterating a settlement that is perfectly in-tune with the environment and nature. Can you not see the damage you will cause if you construct this factory in such an in adept location such as Thul? Please heed my warning and strongly consider constructing this factory elsewhere. Nature is something we should all get a chance to enjoy and respect and by building this factory the magnificent nature around Thul will be devastated. We must stop industrialization in Thul, before we get another Bombay. Don't wait till tomorrow to stop this monstrosity. The fuse is already burning on this catastrophe. Thul must be saved from becoming a Bombay. The whole of Thul holds its breath while we await your impending action against this absurd proposal to destroy a paradise so pure. ?? ?? ?? ?? Matthew Rust 11G Ms Yeoh ...read more.

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