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Is it true that typical speech and typical writing have many different qualities with respect to medium, function and form?

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"Is it true that typical speech and typical writing have many different qualities with respect to medium, function and form? However, is it equally true that, in out our communicative experiences, the two modes nearly always are richly working together or are creatively haunting each other? They are helpful friends not opposing foes!" Discuss this statement. In writing this essay, I am only using one mode. Using the full sentences, I can explain and identify that this essay will use the written mode although I am writing about typical speech and typical writing. The statement above is written in typical writing mode, although it contains speech marks which indicate that it is a comment which is typical speech, is true. Both typical speech and typical writing have positive and negative aspects to them. Both, typical speech and typical writing have many qualities - many different to one another and some are similar- with respect to the medium of each mode. The word 'medium', which of course is an example of typical writing as it is typed on this paper, basically means 'the functionally distinct dimension in which a message is transmitted'. ...read more.


Frequently in typical speech there are indiscernible units which help to enhance the conversation. Pauses are present in typical speech to identify that one has finished or just to catch his/her breathe back. Typical speech uses clauses and not sentences because it is not always in full sentences. On the other side of the coin, in typical writing you are expected to write in full sentences, similar to what I am currently doing in this essay. You are also expected to include paragraphs and structure it appropriately. When using typical writing in a formal document, you are required to show the possessives with an apostrophe (""), punctuation is essential and the agreement between nouns and verbs is crucial. However, the above is not necessary when making quick notes. Typical speech and typical writing have a different grammatical structure. Typical speech has a simpler grammatical structure because there are fewer clauses, less subordination and often shorter units; whilst typical writing has a much complex grammatical structure because it contains subordination in complex sentences, it also contains pre-modifiers and past modifiers. Typical speech contains directs questions in contrast to the indirect questions that occur in typical writing. ...read more.


There are many examples in which typical speech is used but haunted by typical writing. Radio presenters entertain us by using typical speech; however they have notes to refer to. (George Bush answering questions with the help from his bullet proof vest is an example; he is speaking with help from his vest.) In colour commentary, the commentator describes the live action and sometimes presents us facts from his notes. When one is introducing oneself to someone, they usually speak in a full sentence, 'Where do you come from?' This is an example of where speech is used but has the quality of using full sentences from the writing mode. To evaluate, I believe that typical speech and typical writing were made for one another. Just like a couple in a marriage, they have their quarrels and differences, but together they shine perfectly. You can compare the relationship between typical speech and typical writing to the relationship between girls and diamonds. They may have different qualities, but when used together and properly, they have the elusiveness to help us communicate in various ways and methods. Their medium, function and form are complete parallel; this is what makes it interesting using them both together. Both are interlinked with one another, whether haunting each other or working side by side. 1 Ali Rajani Group C ...read more.

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