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Journey's End, Stanhope's Diary.

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JOURNEY'S END, STANHOPE'S DIARY. Entry one, 1915-October 16th. Dear Diary At present I am lying in a trench, in my "bed" sheltered by a bit of mud that looks very unstable. It is nothing like I thought it would be. I thought it would be drier and cosier. I definitely didn't think it would have such a terrible smell of rotting bodies that are just over the edge. About an hour ago I heard a story that someone called Jeffrey had been shot, the only thing was that he had survived but was unable to pull himself back. The tragic part was that he was also too far away to be fetched by other soldiers without putting themselves in danger of being shot by a 'Gerry' (must mean some sort word for a German). ...read more.


Every thing else was just mud and puddles. This is my first entry of many since I arrived to the war diary, I hope, I will fill you in as life goes. The reason I chose the dates of the entries for both entries one and two because Stanhope has changed the most between each of them. At entry one he has just arrived and is looking forward to fighting, he is also disappointed with what it was like. In entry two he has started drinking and at the time is drunk, he has got used to the surroundings and overall has been effected by the war greatly. Entry two. 1918-March 16th. Dear Diary I am still writing for some reason that I don't know. I might as well any way, it might drone out the cries of pain out from the mud if I concentrate hard enough. ...read more.


By the time the drink did set in the fight was over I called in the troops and waited to help with the wounded like a coward, but I couldn't do that because they wouldn't let me but I thought I was able. At the moment I feel really guilty for not going out and I feel terrible. I wish the war would end but I don't want Madge to see me in this state, I feel so confused. What am I going to do? I now remember why writing this is meant to help, it lets you express yourself and feel better. Well it didn't work for me, it is making me feel worse because it is bringing up all the terrible things that I would rather forget about. Such as the death of Albert who I had got know well. So I am going finish now. Well back to my drink! This may be my last entry! ...read more.

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