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LORD OF THE FLIES BOOK REPORT HEADER QUESTIONS: 1. WILLIAM GOLDING Lord of the Flies 2. 225 pages 3. The setting takes place on a tropical island. It has a jungle at one end, with a rocky mountain above it. At the opposite side is the lagoon, where the boys go to bathe and where they first met after the crash. Near there, up the mountain, is a platform where it was decided a fire would stay lit in hope of rescue. 1. The story took place on deserted island island. A plane had crashed and it come about that there were no adult survivors. Two older English boys - fair-haired and athletic Ralph and an overweight and clumsy, bespectacled boy "Piggy", a nickname he hates and confided to Ralph his school mates called him were on a isolated island getting acquainted. Ralph told Piggy his father would rescue them when he found out that their plane was missing, but Piggy rejected that possibility by saying: "Didn't you hear what the pilot said? ...read more.


To Ralph, these painted faces represent the hunters' masking their more civilised selves to let out their inner "savages." Sam and Eric were identical twins and often referred as "Samneric". Jack's tribe focused on hunting. Have killed their first pig, they gain members from Ralph's group by promising them meat, fun, and protection from the beast. Jack invited everyone to join him and his boys at his site for food and fun. Sam and Eric attended they thought it would be fun and they would enjoy the meat. Some of Ralph's boys had left him for Jack. Part of Ralph's tribe was Simon, he found the head of the hunters'. It was dead pig on a stick, he left it as an offering to the beast. Simon had gone through an hallucination, he saw the pigs head, swarming with scavenging flies as the "Lord of the Flies,". Simon believed that the pigs head was talking to him, it had identified itself as being the real "Beast,". It told him "Fancy thinking the Beast was something you could hunt and kill! ...read more.


Ralph had believed Sam and Eric were still loyal to him and told them where he would be hiding. The twins were forced to betray Ralph told Jack's tribe and the savages tore apart the island to find Ralph. 4. The ending of this novel had taken place near where Ralph was lying when a navy officer landed on the island. A fire so large started by Jack had attracted the attention of a nearby warship.The officer had expected better from British boys, believing them only to be playing a game. 5. Jack's authoritarian leadership style had been very evil. He had named his tribe the hunters and considered him self to be a worrior. He enjoyed fighting with Ralph/Ralph's group, and killing animals. Ralph's democratic leadership style was the opposite from Jack's. Ralph was kind to all the children in his group, and his intentions were to survive and be rescued. 6. Piggy was a very close friend of Ralph. Piggy was a lost of intelligence when he died. Piggy was very smart, he thought out things thoroughly. Simon was also friend of Ralph. Simon had contributed a role of intuition. He had the ability of having quick insight. Ella Hernandez Lord of the Flies book report ...read more.

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