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McFly Radio:ACTIVE Music Review Analysis

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Music Review - Analysis The non-fictional music review is aimed at audiences of all ages, mostly to the public who are contemplating buying or listening to the album. Although the foundation of this review is referential, it grows into more of an expressive and opinionated description of the tracks. There is an informal, planned and context bound structure, which will possess semi-permanence, as although it will be saved on the Internet, it does not contain enough importance to be around permanently. ...read more.


and an answer "This album" is resembling the reader's questioning thoughts to the previous statement and turns the subject from the band's past to the present. A description of adjectives and noun phrases follows - "filled with argumentative lyrics and catchy tunes to fight back to the critics" The next paragraph is informational with numerical adjectives "20th July 2008", "300,000", "2.5 million" and "number 8" to give a factual background for the curious readers. Quoting a member of the band and the producer also interests fans - "Tom Fletcher revealed...", "Producer Jason Perry describes" I included an intensifier - which ...read more.


In the former quote, I created a common exemplar situation to give a personal twist to the factual content. In the conclusion I quickly described their past work with an over-use of adjectives and proper nouns. I started the last paragraph with a concluding recommendation summary with a similar question-answer format to the beginning of the review ("have to say...? This album." ) - "Contemplating... worth your hard-earned cash, the answer is yes". The finale statement is then an imperative order, "buy this album". Hannah Lindley English Language Coursework ...read more.

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