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Representation of speech

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How does McEwan use the representation of speech and other stylistic techniques to show the attitude of Joe towards Jed? Through the use of a dramatic event of the balloon accident, it is obvious to the reader that Jed Perry is becoming infatuated with Joe Rose. We can see this unfolding, and also Joe's attitudes towards this in the form of various techniques and styles used in the novel. Firstly, the use of first person narrative throughout the novel gives us an insight into Joe's innermost thoughts and feelings. The use of "Had I known what this glance meant to him at the time and how he was to construe it later and build around it a mental life, I would not have been so warm". ...read more.


We expect to see appropriate feedback from Jed, however he instead gives inappropriate 'quirky' feedback. This is shown further by the non verbal responses such as smiling. "The most joyous of smiles was spreading slowly across his face. I wondered if he had heard me right". The lack of adjacency pairs throughout the speech between the characters, also gives us an insight into the attitudes of Joe towards Jed. Joe is abrupt and sharp in his replies, showing us the lack of relationship and connection between the two. This is shown further in the choice of pronoun used. Jed tries to build a connection between them by associating them together for example using "we". ...read more.


This is shown by the repetition of sorry used in various sentenced by Joe. This has been shortened from I'm sorry to sorry as Joe gets more impatient with Jed. Most of Joe's utterances are short, emphasising how Joe does not wish to speak to Jed. It is noticeable that Jed Parry uses question marks in his speech perhaps to show insecurity. "Clarissa's really worried about you? I said I'd come down and see if you're alright?" This contrasts with Joe's American twang, which helps Joe to hide his true feelings and annoyance at Jed. It is obvious that Joe has a negative attitude towards Jed, and we can see it through the various techniques used by the narrator. By the use of first person narrative, we can sense that this will only get worse in the following chapters. ...read more.

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