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Review how you communicate with others.

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Task 4.4 (2p2) Review how you communicate with others. I'm going to review four communication types. For each type I will discuss the good and bad points. The first type I will write about is touch: Touch is used quite a lot in communication. The good points about touch are that it can show love and care. In my placement there are three service users that like to hold your hand when they are talking to you, this makes them feel good. Touch can also be used to help someone who has an illness like dementia because if you take a hold of their hand they will follow you. Like in my placement there is a female service user with bad dementia, she gets up and walks around, she will go into other peoples rooms and will only walk the way a carer wants her too when someone has hold of her hand and they lead her to where ever she is needed. ...read more.


The bad points of this are that sometimes a carer can shout too loud at someone, or maybe raise their voice and it could scare some people. Also if a service user is deaf or hard of hearing verbal communication (talking) may be suitable for them. Another bad point for talking is that someone may have a different heritage language or maybe an accent that is difficult to understand. In my placement there is a female service user and she has suffered from a stroke, and she can only make little noises so talking is no good for her but she understands it. Sign language: Sign language, I only have to use sign language with one service user. The good points are that he is able to communicate with me and the other 3 members of staff that are able to understand it too. The bad points are that I only know how to sign the alphabet and understand only the alphabet, so in order for the service user and me to communicate we have to spell out words. ...read more.


The bad points are that if some like a carer has had a bad day then they won't have positive body language. Lip reading: There are two service users that rely on lip reading in my placement setting. The good points of this are that they are able to understand verbal communication by relying on lips. They can join in on games and group discussions as long as the seating is planned so they can see the person's lips. The bad points are that it needs to be a well lit room and the person that is speaking needs to be in front of the service user who is lip reading. One problem I have had to try and control is the speed in which I talk because a male service user at my placement asked me to talk slower so he could lip read and understand what I was saying. Another bad point that I experienced is that I did not like having to repeat what I said so changed it to a shorter version the second time around. ...read more.

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