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The Alcohol Situation

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Steven Abbott English 1105 Drugs The Alcohol Situation The most recent large sporting event was this year's World Series. It was a great competition between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the New York Yankees. There did seem to be one factor that seemed to lessen my enjoyment of the Series. This factor was the continuing interruptions by Budweiser. It seemed that each time the game broke for commercial, another bottle was cracked open. This seems to be exactly what James Garcia is talking about when he mentions the glorification of alcohol. Growing up with an alcoholic has put a whole new perspective into my mind about the worst drug out there. I agree totally with Garcia when he tells of how it is hypocritical to try to claim a war against drugs, yet still allow alcoholic companies to sponsor major sporting events which our children watch. ...read more.


People speak of how heroine and other major drugs are so addictive. I believe that these people have really never lived with an alcoholic. My uncle was a really good man when he didn't drink, but the problem was that he seemed to need it. If he did not have any alcohol in a few days he seemed depressed and did not do much aside from sit and watch television. It is very safe to say that he was addicted. My uncle is not the only one that is affected though. Many feel the same pain that I do. I have had my turn with a few different drugs and also with alcohol in my short life so far. This is unfortunate, but it has taught me an important lesson before it could all catch up to me and really harm me. ...read more.


Reading the papers on a Sunday morning does not find me reading about all the accidents cause by an acid trip gone wrong. On the contrary, back at home in Virginia Beach, I have read more than a few times of five or more drunk driving deaths on a single Saturday night. This seems to be prevalent all over the United States and not just in Virginia Beach. Garcia tells of how the war on drugs cannot be completed until we stop glorifying alcohol, and I could not agree more. I do go against one idea that Garcia brought up. He said as his final words, "End the Hypocrisy. End the war." This I do not believe should happen. I think that, although many people still do drugs, the few folks that the commercials and the big arrests affect are a number worth keeping the war going for. Alcohol is still, as Garcia implied, the worst drug around. ...read more.

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