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The Presentation consists of the history of both Anim and Cartoons, the way they have developed and the differences and similarities between them. The Presentation met the objective of explaining the main aspects of the two, which were t

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LO4 - PROJECT REVIEW My stakeholder, the Project Co-ordinator, from the EDEXCEL board, had asked me to create a project, of my own choice, that will get a point across to an audience that has very little knowledge on the subject of the project. It was also discussed that my teacher would keep track of my progress by attending to meetings with her as she was also my stakeholder for this project. I had decided to do the project on a topic that could be argued to make it easier for me to get my point across. First I decided to do the project on the topic of "MARVEL VS CAPCOM VS DC UNIVERSE" but my teacher thought this to be too confusing for the audience to understand as there was too much write about, most of which I didn't know about as I was new to the topic as well. As an alternative option, my teacher thought it would be best to do the project on a topic that I knew a lot about and something that would motivate me to learn more about. She also thought it should be in the form of a question to make it easier for both the audience and me to understand. ...read more.


This met the objective of an overall opinion on the topic itself. FACTORS CONTRIBUTING TO THE OUTCOME Although the project wasn't completed on time, due to various problems, it was still completed to a good standard. Realistic Objectives: Firstly, I had to make sure the objectives set by both my stakeholders were realistic and the way I approached them was ideal. If I had not done so then I probably wouldn't have finished this project. Accurate Understanding of Requirements: I had to make sure I knew what I was going to do for each objective as I had to meet them. I had given out questionnaires to get everyone's opinion, gave an overall opinion and used the Presentation itself to explain the main aspects of the project. Effective Planning: Before starting the actual project, I had to plan my project as this would make me more time cautious and let me know if I'm ahead or behind schedule or what I had to do next. My plan had to be detailed. This meant I had to pick timescales that each task had to be done in order to complete my project by the due date. ...read more.


CONCLUSION After finishing the project and handing the deliverables to my stakeholder, I can say I am quite pleased with the end result of my Presentation, given that I had many problems along the way and going over the deadline set. Although I knew a relatively good amount about my project, I learnt new things about it as I did my research. I also learnt how to plan accordingly and the steps that I need to take to ensure I don't suffer the same problems again. The things I would do differently relate back to the problems I had as I need to be more cautious about back - ups and other computer issues so I don't lose my work again and if I did, then I would have another copy elsewhere that I can continue from. If I were to do this project again, I would have made it look more professional by making look more consistent and interactive so the audience don't lose interest quickly. I would also plan ahead for risks that may show up as I didn't plan for them this time. I believe that I met my objectives and, although I went a little over the deadline, I believe I met my plan as well. ?? ?? ?? ?? Rajiv Ahmed 26047 1 | Page ...read more.

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