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This is a written monologue for English. Monologue of a Serial Killer. It achieved an B at A2 level.

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´╗┐Sheridan Sims Monologue of a Serial Killer How was I supposed to know that this was wrong, when it felt so right? Everything my father has taught me is wrong... He taught me not to love, taught me not to feel, have no compassion for others. How...how could this be wrong, my whole life a lie; that?s what it was, that?s what I could reduce it to, a lie. Where had my mother been when my father had been teaching me these things? Where had aunts, uncles, grandpas, grandmas, cousins... teachers, anybody been to tell me, to show me that...that all of this was wrong. Wrong...that word doesn?t seem real now, and it will never truly seem real, because I?ve never known anything else. ...read more.


And my mother, my mother didn?t seem to notice how I changed. I changed so drastically in the space of about 5 months; my perspective on life changed, suddenly I started to view everyone as a victim, as an outsider, and eventually the only person I could trust was my father, the only person I believed was him; my father, my best friend, my partner, my mentor, the one person who I could go to, who I knew could never judge because his crimes are worse than mine, much worse. I?m told that I?m a victim in all of this; a victim of my environment, a product created by my father for his own means. How can I believe that? ...read more.


I?ve seen him smile, obviously I?ve seen him smile, but happiness is something a child should witness from a parent in normal circumstances...but then again what?s normal? They say normal is gardening, cooking, cleaning, washing, golfing...perhaps driving, stalking, watching, learning, catching, cutting, killing, digging...burying...none of that is normal, so I?ve been told. My mind...my mind is mixed up and all I can hear is my mother crying...crying trying to convince herself that she didn?t know what was going on. I want to see my father, but I?m not allowed. As if anything he could say would influence me more than he has done already; there?s nothing they can say now to make me confess, to speak a bad word about my father. I am his...forever his...but he will never be mine. Key Bold - Stressed words Italics - Emphasised words ...read more.

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