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English Language-‘The War on Emo’ commentary

‘The War on Emo’ piece was written for an audience of teenagers, most likely between the ages of 15-19, and was a direct response to an article featured in the Daily Mail about the ‘dangers’ of emo. The author of this particular article wrote about the recent resurgence in the ‘emo’ movement and the dangers it poses to teenagers, particularly young, teenage girls.

Style models such as articles from the music magazine ‘the NME,’ and the newspaper ‘The Guardian’ were used. There were various notable features used in each of these style models which I have tried to emulate in my piece, for instance the use of subtle humour and obviously persuasive techniques.

        The purpose of the text was primarily to persuade, yet the secondary purpose was intended to argue. I aimed for my text to be of a suitable style in order to be published in a music magazine such as Kerrang! or the NME, where the readership is similar to that of my intended audience.

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         When writing this article, I encountered a few problems, mainly the difficulty in trying to get my point across without going on a rant and attacking the author of the piece in the Daily Mail. I wanted my text to be based on fact rather than opinion, while

simultaneously criticizing Ms. Sands article. I attempted to expose the flaws in her writing, yet I found it difficult to do this subtly. I also had a little trouble in trying to create new expressions for the term ‘emo.’ I wanted to make the language I used inspire very real images of ...

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