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What role do love and marriage play in Romeo and Juliet?

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What role do love and marriage play in Romeo and Juliet? There are many different types of love and marriage that feature in the play of Romeo and Juliet, the Capulets and the Montagues are prime examples. Both of their marriages were probably arranged. They could have been arranged for money or for family business. You can tell this by the way they talk to each other, "a crutch, a crutch why call you for a sword?" Lady Capulet tells her husband. Lady Montague talking to Old Montague, "thou shalt not stir one foot to seek a foe" this shows that they have grown apart from each other because both of the women are mocking their husbands. Another marriage is Juliet's and Paris's, this was arranged and was happening because Juliet's father wanted another generation of his family, this tends to happen only in Asian marriages in the modern day and even then, it is usually about money. Then of course there is Romeo and Juliet's wedding this shows true love and passion, it is almost like a fairy tale, in modern day, this is what people aim to find during their life. ...read more.


To be chosen as a spouse you must be rich, like the person, you wish to marry and be a good friend of the family he or she belongs to. Paris asks to marry Juliet and offers to keep the generations of the Capulet's going, "And pity 'tis, you lived at odds so long." Lord Capulet's reply to this proposal was, "My child is yet a stranger in the world, She hath not yet seen the change of fourteen years." When Lady Capulet tells Juliet of the news about her marriage, she talks for a while, then she drops a few hints about Juliet getting married and after that, she tells her about the marriage. Juliet's response was not what Lady Capulet was hoping it would be like, Juliet was very angry that her mother and father wanted her to marry Paris because she did not love him and wanted to marry someone that she did love. Romeo and Juliet fall in love when Romeo, dangerously sneaks into the Capulet's party, after being depressed soon after he was turned down by Rosaline. Romeo and Juliet meet very romantically because as soon as they see each other, without saying a word, they instantly fall in love, "O she doth teach the torches to burn bright! ...read more.


This also indicates that Lord and Lady Capulet's marriage was arranged and very traditional because Lord Capulet is very aggressive and Lady Capulet is helpless, she cannot do anything to stop him, so she decides it best if she agrees with him. The Nurse's reaction to what was happening was to attempt to defend poor Juliet, but knew that she could not step in while Lord and Lady Capulet were there because she is only a servant. I think that Shakespeare is making a statement about marriage and love in this play as a lesson to the audience. I believe this because he puts the message across that marriage should not be just about money and keeping the generations of families going, it should be about love, and you should let your child decide who they marry because they should be happy and hopefully they will find there one true love. Romeo and Juliet raise a fair amount of questions about love and marriage. What is true love? There is no answer to this question; it can only be answered by the person who asked it. You can't describe true love, as you see during the play. Only the individual who asked the question knows what their true love will be. For Romeo it was Juliet, for Juliet it was Romeo. By Andrew Read ...read more.

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