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The charge of the light brigade: Analysis

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The Charge of the Light Brigade The poem "The Charge of the Light Brigade" by Alfred, Lord Tennyson is a patritic poem about how war was difficult and how soldiers had to fight to survive. But this poem also shows the bravery and the honor of the brigade throughout the battlefield. The structure of the poem is very fragmented, there are six stanzas but on each stanzas de number of lines are different. There is a lot of repetition of the same word with the rhymes: "Cannons to the right of them, Cannon to the left of them, Cannon in front of them." But he also uses easy rhymes in his poem: "Stormed at with shot and shell / Boldly they rode and well" "Stormed at with shot and shell / Into the mouth of Hell". Also, the poem is like a song because there is a kind of chorus, which is repeated two times in the poem, and the rest ...read more.


There is also a lot of imagery to describe the violence of the battle: "Reeled from the saber-stroke / Shattered and sundered". In these lines, the verbs "reeled", "shattered", and "sundered" gives a clear image of the fighting between the two forces. This verse, "Volleyed and thundered / Stormed at with shot and shell." shows us that the bullets was flying around them, they won't stop. With all these metaphors and imagery, we can imagine ourselves on the battlefield, with the description we can hear trough the lines, the shot and the shout. We can hear the sabers who colliding. We can taste the dust in our mouth but also the taste of blood. We see everything in our mind, the battlefield, the soldiers, the horses, the artillery, the cannon, ... because the poem is very eloquent. The theme of the poem was that the admirable qualities of these soldiers, such as bravery, strength, and determination. ...read more.


And this shows how valiant they are. The message that Tennyson wants us to understand, is that we have to see the bravery of the soldiers, and mustn't think about all the soldiers who died during this war, or the mistake that someone made, we have to see the bravery itself, and we have to fight for our country! The author wants us to realize and honor the bravery and the determination of the soldiers who fought. It's a patriotic poem so we have to glorified war. To conclude with this analysis, I want to say that this poem is hard to understand, but when you read trough the lines you can realize what really happen during this war. We can feel everything, because the words and the imagery, which are use in this poem, have a lot of meaning. We can put ourselves in the head and in the body of the soldiers. ...read more.

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